15 minutes ago: 50 Cent JUMPS Jason Derulo & LEAKES EVIDENCE that Diddy AT£ Him

50 Cent just dragged Jason Derulo by the balls and sent a hit on him after Jason shamelessly defended Diddy. Jason already had a reputation for being corny but him defending Diddy was the icing on top.50 claims Jason was actually one of Diddy’s boy toys that Diddy would regularly pound at his freak-off parties.This isn’t the first time Jason has publicly shown his support for Diddy amidst his SA allegations but this time he took it a bit too far and people are not having it.Even though people feel bad for Jason, the last thing we need right now is for one of Diddy’s boy toys to come out and try to gaslight us into thinkingDiddy is innocent even after enough evidence has been exposed to prove that he is a raging degenerate.Video:

50 Cent Warns Jason Derulo To “Shut The F**K Up” Amid His Trolling Of Diddy”Let me find out you on one of them tapes boy.”Nobody’s safe when it comes to 50 Cent’s trolling, as Jason Derulo is his latest victim.After the R&B/Pop singer spoke with TMZ about his beliefs on Diddy‘s innocence amid his ongoing sex trafficking investigation, Fif reposted the interview warning Derulo to keep quiet.The “Wiggle” star told the outlet that, although he isn’t too sure about Diddy’s offenses, he is a believer in “innocence until proven guilty.”


“Shut the f**k up ! let me find out you on one of them tapes boy,” 50 responded to Derulo’s remarks in a since-deleted post.While recently making appearances at a few shows, the G-Unit vet has been on a rampage publicly trolling Diddy and those who have been listed in his lawsuits as “sex workers.”Ironically, the mother of his youngest son, Daphne Joy, and City Girls rapper, Yung Miami, have both been named as such.“I love you brother, no P Diddy,” 50 said while performing at Dreamville 2024. “I love you even if you’re a sex worker.”DJ Akademiks, Donald Trump Jr. Talk Diddy And Kim Porter’s “Weird” Relationship

During a surprise performance at Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 tour stop in Madison Square Garden, the father-of-two also said, “I love you…even if you a little sex worker.”The Queens rapper has insinuated that anyone who is defending Diddy in any way, may just be on the alleged tapes that are supposedly out there.According to Diddy’s former producer, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, the music mogul secretly filmed many celebrities at sex parties.In Jones’ suit, which accuses Diddy of sexual assault, soliciting sex workers, drugging, and more,he also claimed that the father-of-six would hide cameras around his properties and capture his guests engaging in sexual acts, illegal behavior and more during his “freak off” parties.Jones also claimed to have his own personal audio recordings and footage showing the former Revolt CEO giving out “laced alcoholic beverages to minors and sex workers at his homes.”