The NBA seems to be nearing the end of an era as premier superstars like LeBron JamesStephen Curry, and Kevin Durant, are fast approaching the end of their illustrious careers. People always seem to rave about LBJ’s longevity. But the NBA Reddit community was left in a state of disbelief after a user reminded them that Curry is 35 years old at the moment, as old as LeBron was when he won the 2020 title.

35 Year Old Stephen Curry Being As Old As 2020 Finals MVP LeBron James Has NBA Reddit In Shock: “Wild How Old Some Of These Guys Are”

Stephen Curry and LeBron James
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Despite nearing 40, the “older players” in the league like – LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant – are still among the best in the NBA. Putting up staggering numbers every season, all three of these legends have been consistently finishing in the top spots of the MVP rankings. Entering the 2023-2024 campaign, these lethal players are expected to continue putting up some jaw-dropping numbers.

NBA Reddit is shocked after learning that Stephen Curry is as old as LeBron James was in 2020

Since LeBron James has been glorified for playing at the peak of his capabilities for 20 years now, we tend to not give Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant flowers for their longevity. A recent NBA Reddit post revealed that Curry, who is 35 now, is as old as LeBron was when he won his 4th title in 2020.

Steph Curry is currently as old as LeBron James was when he won the 2020 lakers title

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As soon as the post went viral, several users seemed to be in shock.

byu/WestleyThe from discussion

byu/WestleyThe from discussion

Kevin Durant has managed to make a comeback after sustaining a horrific injury in his Achilles tendon. This past 2022-2023 campaign, the 34-year-old lodged 29.1 points. However, merely a few years ago, there were doubts whether or not KD would be able to play professional basketball again.

The likes of Bron and Steph managed to win titles with their respective teams while being labeled ‘old’. The King lifted his 4th title and Finals MVP trophy in 2020 when he was 35 years of age. Whereas, Chef Curry was 34 when he won his 4th Championship ring and first-ever Finals MVP award.

An “old” LBJ has been dominating the league for years now

LeBron James being “old” has been the narrative for quite some time now. Ever since Bron won his third title in 2016, pundits wondered whether or not he would be able to overcome Father Time. Needless to say, Father Time has had little to no impact on James’ performance so far.

Ever since the 2014-2015 season (since turning 30), the 6ft 9″ forward has put up 26.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 8 assists. During this span, he even made it to five NBA Finals, winning two of them. Goes without saying, Bron has dominated the “best in the world” conversations for years and is still among the top 10 players at age 38.