Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s infamous Hollywood romance came to an end in 2016 when the couple filed for divorce. Turning their renowned affair into a scandalous separation, the duo faced an incredibly hard time, especially with their children. Willing to keep their six children away from the notorious split, Jolie turned towards her brother for help.

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie
Realizing the importance of family and the gravity of the situation, Angelina Jolie’s brother dived right in and became the actress’ closest confidante. Leaving behind his own life, Jolie’s less famous brother, James Haven agreed to be the nanny for her six children, during her scandalous drama with Brad Pitt. However, after things went back to normal, the actress made Haven abandon her family and later drifted from him.

Angelina Jolie’s Brother Came To Her Rescue

Although Angelina Jolie has a close-knit relationship with most A-listers in Hollywood, no one came to her rescue during her scandalous separation from Brad Pitt. After making notorious headlines regarding her divorce, Jolie wanted to keep her children safe from the scandal, and none but her elder brother James Haven took massive responsibility.
Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie and James Haven
Leaving behind his career, Haven became Jolie’s closest confidante and moved in with his little sister and her six children to take care of them, amid the Brangelina brood. Although James Haven had an ambition to be a filmmaker, he left that in the past, just for the sake of Jolie. Submitting to his responsibilities as a full-time nanny for the actress’ six kids, Haven indeed put family first.
James Haven

James Haven took care of Jolie’s kids
Despite previously sparking rumors of an incestuous relationship in 2000 after kissing each other on the mouth during the Oscars, Haven moved in with Jolie during her divorce. Keeping their scandalous siblings’ headlines in the past, the duo took the responsibility to take care of the children, and James Haven indeed did a great job. However, his payback wasn’t quite something that he had imagined.

Angelina Jolie’s Ungrateful Payback For Her Brother 

While Angelina Jolie named her first biological child Shiloh after her brother’s intended middle name, she gave a severely ungrateful payback to James Haven after he sacrificed his career to take care of the children. Despite enjoying a solid place as a beloved uncle, Haven eventually got fired from his role, after things went back to normal.
Angelina JolieJolie gave an ungrateful payback to Haven
Being extremely close with Jolie, since childhood, it was only obvious for Haven to move in and oversee the kids as a full-time nanny. However, the way the Maleficent actress behaved with her brother after things were sorted was extremely ungrateful and hurtful. Although the actress’ elder brother served as a head nanny for nearly a year, their agreement came to an end in 2017.
James HavenJolie and Haven sparked an incestuous rumor
After taking advantage of James Haven during tumultuous times, Angelina Jolie fired him and eventually separated him from the children. Further, drifting away from him, Jolie began taking charge of her life and her children. Although the motive behind her actions is unknown, it was reported that the actress and her kids had little to no contact with Haven, after he was fired.

Source: Style Magazine