EastEnders star Sophie Khan Levy has teased a potential reunion between Priya and Ravi despite a huge twist airing with Nish Panesar this evening

EastEnders star Sophie Khan Levy has hinted Priya and Ravi could reunite, despite a jaw-dropping Nish twist.

Nish Panesar recently returned to the Square to tell his family he wanted to reconcile with them because he was dying. Many had suspected he was lying but he was actually telling the truth, according to his doctor.

Whilst he has assured his family he will support them – as part of their plan – one person that has missed out is Priya. In furious scenes, Nish warned Priya she wouldn’t get her hands on any of his money.

Therefore, she went to drastic lengths to secure her family’s future by making a bold – and unexpected suggestion – to Nish. Speaking about the big scenes before they aired, she exclusively told The Mirror : “We’ve just seen Priya be ousted by Nish and I think it’s fair to say that anyone who knows Priya, she’s not going to give up too easy. I think we can tease there’s going to be some sort of proposal – I can’t say what. She definitely wants to secure the future of her kids.”

Could Priya and Ravi be brought back together? (
BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Many fans would love to see Priya and Ravi get back together but the actress has hinted there could be a potential for a reunion.

Speaking to us at the TRIC Awards last week, where EastEnders were up for Best Soap, she said: “When things happen with the kids, that always brings two people together and there’s obviously an opportunity for it. I think watch this space!”

Meanwhile, Chris Clenshaw – the executive producer of EastEnders – has teased some big names could return for the show’s 40th anniversary early next year. He said: “It’s not just because of the lovely reaction.

“It all depends on the story and where the characters are. As we head towards our 40th year, it is the history of the show. I think the nostalgic element means a lot. But it has to come from character, it has to come from story.”

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Warning there will be some big scenes at Christmas, he added: “Christmas is well underway. In the story office there is a board and it all connects. I compare it to a tapestry board, everything has to fit together. We’ve got the new Mitchells coming in that will stir some trouble up. And as we head through into the autumn and the end of the year, we’ve got quite a few treats coming up.”