2024 WNBA Draft

Caitlin Clark wears Indiana Fever threads for the first time

Following four electric seasons with the Iowa Hawkeyes, Caitlin Clark was picked first overall by the Indiana Fever in the 2024 WNBA draft.

Clark recently took pictures while wearing her Fever jersey for the first time. The team’s X account shared the picture of Clark in her new threads for fans to get excited over.

Considered to be one of the most exciting WNBA players, Clark looks fitting in her Indiana Fever jersey as fans continue to await her arrival in the league.

Clark averaged 28.4 points (46.2% shooting, including 37.7% from 3-point range), 8.2 assists and 7.1 rebounds per game in her four seasons with Iowa.

Caitlin Clark highlighted her passing game as a skillset that will make the best transition to the WNBA

Caitlin Clark was asked which particular skillset of hers would make the best transition to the league, to which the Fever guard responded by pointing out her passing ability on the court.

“I think the biggest thing is my passing,” Clark said. “I think that’s at times what gets overlooked in my game. I think the scoring and the long shots is what everybody falls in love with. Then obviously going to an organization that has, in my eyes, one of the best post players in the entire world. My point guard eyes just light up at that.”

Her incredible shotmaking abilities are usually a sight to behold, but Clark wanted to emphasize that she is more than just an offensive guard.

Instead, she sees herself as a flexible floor general who can make the right reads to set her teammates up for effective shots near the basket.

She effectively showcased this during her time playing at the collegiate level. Granted, the kinds of defensive coverages she will be facing vastly differ from what she’s been accustomed to in the NCAA.

However, the pressure to deliver big in the WNBA while facing imposing competition on a nightly basis is something that Caitlin Clark doesn’t shy away from.

Making the right play is an aspect of the game that Clark prioritizes and even thrives on, as she has showcased numerous times when she was leading the charge for the Iowa Hawkeyes during her tenure there.

Be that as it may, it remains to be seen what kind of rookie year Caitlin Clark will be having with the Indiana Fever upon her first stint in the WNBA.