ameron Diaz’s Outburst: Meghan Markle Allegedly Refuses to Pay $3000 Sushi Bill, Sparking Fury and Accusations of Blackmail

Meghan invited Cameron and a few other famous friends for a fun girls’ night out at a hot new sushi spot in LA last weekend. Meghan was treating them as a thank-you for their support since her move to California. Cameron was looking forward to a relaxing dinner with good company and delicious food. However, the meal didn’t go as planned.

Reports say that as the evening progressed and sake bottles emptied, the group ordered multiple specialty rolls, platters of sushi, and even some high-end wagyu beef to share. All sounded great until the bill arrived—over $3,000.

Meghan’s smile reportedly faded, and she refused to pick up the tab. Cameron was shocked. She couldn’t believe Meghan, who had insisted it was her treat, was trying to pass off the bill to someone else.

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In Cameron’s words, Meghan “made me pay that [expletive]!” Meghan had promised to cover the bill but reneged when it came, saying it was too much. Cameron was furious.

She slammed her wallet on the table and confronted Meghan, refusing to back down until Meghan paid up. Witnesses claim Meghan played dumb, saying she didn’t realize how expensive it would be and thought someone else should chip in.

But Cameron had had enough. She told Meghan she was responsible for the whole tab since it was her idea to host. Allegedly, Cameron warned Meghan that if she didn’t pay immediately, she’d post about the fiasco on Instagram for their celebrity friends and followers to see. That got Meghan moving. She quickly paid the bill, glaring at Cameron the whole time.

After the blowout, Cameron stormed out, too irritated to stay for dessert. The cab ride home was reportedly dead silent. Relations between the two have been frosty ever since. Cameron has mostly kept quiet until now, explaining her distance from Meghan. She felt betrayed by Meghan’s dine-and-dash antics.