A large contingent of Dallas Cowboys fans have been calling for owner Jerry Jones to sell the team.

Their wish might come true.

Many have accused Jerry Jones of caring more about promoting the Cowboys’ brand, which leads to more money, than winning a Super Bowl.

Based on a new rumor from FOX Sports 1 host Craig Carton, the Dallas Cowboys owner could be selling the team. He claims that Jerry could be gearing up to unload the Cowboys onto a group of Saudi Arabian investors.

“I think they’re going to sell the team,” Craig Carton said. “I would not be surprised if we start hearing rumblings that Jerry Jones is going after hedge funds in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, trying to find the suitor to give him the largest check ever given to the owner of a North American sports franchise.”

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys should take this rumor with a grain of salt as they should know Craig Carton is not the best guy to listen to, given he was once sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for fraud and ordered to pay back $4.8 million to his investor victims.

Carton continued his rumor of why he believes that Jerry Jones will sell the team, saying, “I think they’re streamlining their finances. I think they’re shedding salaries. They’re not acting like a family that is trying to win,” Carton continued. “I don’t think they’re into it anymore. I don’t think they’re committed to putting a championship product on the field, and I think Jerry Jones, at 80-something years old, would rather give his kids a check for a couple billion dollars and wish them well rather than deal with a failing football team that he would leave to them to make it even worse.”

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Jerry Jones Claimed The Cowboys Were “All-In” And Proceeded To Do Nothing

Earlier this year, Jerry Jones explained that he believes the team has been all-in and will continue to be.

Instead, the Cowboys found themselves at one point as the only team in the league that hadn’t made an outside transaction to help a team that failed in the playoffs once again.

Dallas fans saw running back Tony Pollard agree to a deal with the Tennessee Titans, defensive end Dorance Armstrong, and center Tyler Biadasz leave for the Washington Commanders per ESPN.

Now, the team has decided not to pay Dak Prescott ahead of the 2024 season, which will likely be his final year with the team.

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