Dealing with fame is never easy, but the level of popularity Taylor Swift has been dealing with for years now is frankly not for the faint of heart.

Travis Kelce certainly knows this, and while it must certainly pose some challenges for him, it doesn’t seem to faze him as much. Or at least it doesn’t show amid the happiness he always radiates around Taylor ever since they started dating.

It’s not so easy for the rest of the Kelce family to put all that aside. Despite the fact that they quickly warmed up to her and get along great, they can’t help but worry about Travis being so exposed. Ed Kelce, Travis’ dad, recently spoke about it, and while he had nothing but good things to say about the couple, and about Taylor especially, he still shared his worries.

Travis Kelce’s family had to get used to a lot in the past few months. If they thought they knew what fame was, they quickly realized they had only seen a small part of it. While Travis and Jason Kelce are both big in the football world, now that Travis is dating a world-famous pop star, they have found a new level of popularity that is not always easy to deal with.

Ed Kelce spoke about his feelings regarding the relationship, and how, as much as he likes Taylor Swift, he still worries about this new level of fame and the dangers it poses.

“I won’t pretend that I don’t worry about it, he is my son, and I worry about him because they will have some challenges in their relationship for sure,” he explained candidly.

These concerns are not unfounded, as Jason Kelce explained recently. At the beginning of Travis and Taylor’s relationship, the Kansas City Chiefs player had to leave his own home because of stalkers, some of whom even followed him to the house he moved into.

Travis’ Dad Adores Taylor Swift Anyway, And Thinks They Are ‘A Good Fit’

Despite all these concerns, the Kelce family has quickly grown to love Taylor Swift. Ed Kelce was sure to make that clear, so people wouldn’t think he didn’t approve of the relationship or the singer.

The father shared that he was impressed with her because she’s “probably the most famous person in the world,” and still “so warm and gracious” in every situation.

He’s also happy they share a passion for sports. “She loves football so much, and she sets a good example during games. I was so shocked that during the Super Bowl, my buddies and I left some rubbish near us, and when Taylor got up, she stopped and picked it all up and put it in the trash.”

That wasn’t the first time she had done something like that, and it quickly became clear that it wasn’t an act, just her genuine self.

“I’m just thinking, I don’t think she got the diva memo. She didn’t get the spoiled musician. She doesn’t know how to pull that off. And that really to me said a whole lot,” Ed said a while ago.

Ultimately, all of this outweighs the fear and worries that come with her unimaginable fame, and seeing his son so happy is enough for Ed Kelce.

“They seem a good fit, and ultimately, they just need to find their way together,” the proud father concluded.