Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has affected many people’s lives with his generosity and compassion, from cheering up loved ones to supporting individuals. He never ceases to be an inspiration as an actor and as a pillar of hard work and perseverance.

Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson
In a recent video tribute, the icon of Hollywood was seen getting emotional as he surprised a young admirer who had been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a cancer that typically affects children and young adults in leg bones and pelvis. Luna Perrone, 12, one of his biggest fans, has been fighting this cancer for the third time.

Dwayne Johnson’s Surprise to the Young Fan Battling Cancer

Recently, Dwayne Johnson posted a touching video on Instagram where he introduced Luna Perrone, a young cancer fighter, in the post. Johnson, with the intention of making Luna smile, surprised her with a number of extremely thoughtful gifts.

When Dwayne shared the post with his followers, he spoke about his own daughters and how meeting Luna after two years of social media contact changed his perspective. As the cancer grew, he made the decision to surprise Luna with some special treats. After all, he may be a superstar with $800M fortune, but he has also a soft corner.
Dwayne Johnson surprises 12-year-old fan with cancerDwayne Johnson surprises 12-year-old fan with cancer
Posting the clip he wrote:

“As a proud and grateful GIRL DAD of three beautiful daughters – when you finally meet the beautiful young girl who’s not only your biggest fan, but she’s also battling cancer and fights for her life…

You stay strong and keep smiling kid… Glad you enjoyed all your surprises and yes, YOUR FLEX is WAY COOLER than mine.”
This gesture by one of the biggest superstars of Hollywood was praised by many fans.

The Young Fighter Was Excited to Meet Dwayne Johnson

Anyone would love to meet their favorite star. And when it comes at a time when needed most, it becomes all the more exciting. The same happened with Luna Perrone.

In a video shared by Good Morning America, Luna shared her excitement over meeting Dwayne Johnson, adding that after lunch, he gave her tickets to Disneyland.
Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson
“I’ve had some super cool jobs in my life – but being Luna’s waiter just might be the coolest,” he captioned his post.
“They say, don’t meet ever meet your heroes, because you’ll be disappointed — well I got to meet my hero and she was AWESOME.”
Such gestures serve as a great demonstration of how influential individuals can uplift and inspire the lives of their devoted admirers.

Source: Instagram