A video repost on TikTok, seemingly taking a jab at Taylor Swift, was shared on the joint account North holds with her mother, Kim.

This move has been interpreted by many as a playful, albeit “messy,” dig at the singer, highlighting the nuanced dynamics of celebrity interactions and the ripple effects they can have across social media platforms.

The video in question featured Taylor Swift, the 34-year-old pop sensation, dancing in a manner that could only be described as uninhibited and carefree in her 2017 music video for Delicate. Taylor, known for her heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies, was captured barefoot, wearing a blue, tasseled minidress as she navigated through a hotel lobby with a series of goofy dance moves.

The clip, complete with stomping on a reception desk and playful gestures towards security guards, was overlaid with text that provocatively asked, “So this is your favorite singer?” accompanied by the caption, “I’m sorry, what?” However, the post was short-lived, as it disappeared from the account hours later, presumably removed by Kim, who was attending Paris Fashion Week at the time, without North.