Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly feeling anxious as news emerges that her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, is set to release a tell-all book about their former relationship.

Royal expert Neil Shawn revealed in a recent YouTube post by P. Dina that Engelson’s upcoming book will provide an intriguing perspective on their past together.

According to Shawn, many individuals who have had personal experiences with Markle are eager to share their stories in new publications.

However, he emphasized that Engelson’s firsthand account holds particular significance.

The prospect of Engelson’s revelations seems to be causing distress for Markle, as she may fear the potential backlash from his side of the story.

While some may argue that Engelson has an axe to grind, it is undeniable that he possesses unique insights into their relationship.

GAME OVER! Meghan Trembles With Fear As Trevor Engelson Writes TELL ALL BOOK About Her

This makes his narrative all the more captivating, as he can offer an authentic portrayal of what it was like to be married to the actress from Suits.

Shawn further explained that Engelson’s story is especially remarkable because he has never before spoken publicly about his time with Markle.

While we have heard Markle’s version of events, there are always two sides to every story.

Engelson’s perspective could shed new light on the rumors and controversies surrounding their past, such as Markle allegedly returning the engagement ring and requesting the return of household items.

In addition to the news about Engelson’s book, Shawn also shared that Prince Harry and Megan Markle are considering a return to social media after parting ways with their PR firm.

According to Shawn’s YouTube episode, the couple may be planning to reengage with social media platforms as a means to improve their public image.

It appears that they already have multiple social media accounts under different names, including their prominent Instagram account, Sussex Royal, which boasts approximately 9.6 million followers.

Shawn mentioned that Markle sees social media as an opportunity to freely express herself and control her own narrative.

However, he cautioned that returning to the online realm may also invite negative feedback and criticism.

Despite the potential drawbacks, Markle and Prince Harry seem determined to reconnect with their audience through social media.

Meanwhile, the couple has experienced another change within their team, as yet another PR executive has departed.

Christine Well-Shermer was recently appointed as the new PR chief but has now left Team Sussex.

The departure comes at a time when Harry and Megan are actively involved in charitable endeavors.

Their Archwell Foundation, in collaboration with the Ving Project, has initiated a charity project aimed at supporting women in need across the United States.

The initiative involves granting $1,000 to deserving women who have been nominated by teenagers aged between 14 and 18 for their inspirational impact on others.

Markle expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing her dedication to empowering women and promoting the spirit of giving.

The $1 million fund provided by the Archwell Foundation is intended not only to provide much-needed support but also to encourage young adults to embrace the joy of giving from an early age.

Markle expressed pride in the collaboration and the positive outcomes they hope to achieve through this philanthropic endeavor.

As Markle faces the possibility of Engelson’s book unveiling their past relationship, she and Prince Harry are also navigating their way back into the social media sphere.

Their determination to reclaim control over their narrative is evident, even as they experience changes within their PR team.

Simultaneously, they remain committed to making a difference through their charitable efforts, aiming to uplift and empower women across the United States.