Hot news: Meghan Markle’s fake pregnancy secret has been exposed, prompting Prince Harry to immediately demand a “royal origin investigation.”

In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Sir Nicholas Soames, a close friend of Prince Charles, leaked the fabricated news of Meghan Markle’s pregnancy with Archie to the King.

Despite conflicting reports from both sides, claiming the King’s desire to extend an olive branch and Meghan’s wish for a harmonious relationship with Charles, it is clear that these statements hold no truth.

The royal family is currently grappling with a much bigger issue – the impending revelation of the use of surrogates.

This scandalous subject continues to plague the royals, who must find a way to handle it without implicating themselves in the deceit.

Understandably, there is a great deal of animosity within the family towards Meghan for repeatedly subjecting them to this immense mess, which has become a daily source of turmoil for the monarchy.

Everyone within the palace has their own ideas on how to address the situation.

Leading this charge is Sir Nicholas Soames, a trusted confidant of Charles and a member of his inner circle.

Although he does not hold an official role within the royal household, his familial connection to Winston Churchill, who enjoyed close ties with the royals during his tenure as Prime Minister, grants him significant influence.

The truth surrounding the existence of invisible children, the use of surrogates, the bullying allegations, and any other pertinent information must be brought to light.

The public has grown weary of the ongoing drama surrounding the Markles, and their patience has worn thin.

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Many suspect that the family was initially deceived and only discovered the truth when they were already trapped in a precarious situation.

While there may have been initial sympathy for Meghan, the tide is turning against her, and people are beginning to question her motives.

The recent birthday story published in Spur magazine also raises eyebrows.

It is highly unlikely that a woman would be discharged from the hospital just two hours after receiving an epidural, as the article suggests.

Such a quick departure may be plausible if Meghan were not the one giving birth.

Speculation abounds, and while some may initially sympathize with the less fortunate and angry individuals involved, a growing number of people suspect the truth and believe that the royal family was initially hoodwinked.

Despite their initial victimhood, the British royal family may eventually find forgiveness from the public.

They were unwitting participants in this elaborate scam, preoccupied with their own lives and duties.

Sir Nicholas Soames has also defended his friend of 65 years, stating that past indiscretions should not overshadow his loyalty.

On the other side of the divide, Queen Camilla, Prince William, and Catherine are firmly resolved to see Harry and Meghan dealt with decisively, putting an end to their disruptive games once and for all.

King Charles, a considerate and peace-seeking monarch, simply desires a quiet life, and who can blame him?

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan seem determined to secure a substantial financial settlement for themselves and their children.

It is worth noting that they have distanced themselves from another grandfather figure, though this time it does not involve any jewelry or precious gems.

In other news, the popularity of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has taken a hit as a recent poll reveals a decline in public opinion compared to other members of the British royal family.

The survey indicates that a mere 14% of respondents in the UK consider Harry and Meghan to be positive role models.

In contrast, a significant 71% view Prince William and Kate Middleton in a favorable light, marking a 7% increase since the same question was asked in 2020.