While some plausible names are suggested by credible scoopers to direct Spider-Man 4, others throw in just random names for social media likes

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Spider-Man 4 rumors are running wild, but the potential involvement of Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan has to be the craziest of them all. The film has already been through a number of plausible directors, but none seem to fit the requirements of either Sony or Marvel. One industry insider took the time to call out the false information about Spider-Man 4 directors, and he debunked the theories about four famous filmmakers.
Some wild speculations are circulating online about the director of the next Spider-Man project after Spider-Man: No Way Home

Some wild speculations are circulating online about the director of the next Spider-Man project after No Way Home
Finding a replacement for Jon Watts, who directed the first three movies, hasn’t been easy. Both Marvel and Sony look to create a phenomenal film that could outperform the box office of Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, their visions for the fourth film are very different.

Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan Were Considered For Spider-Man 4 — Rumor Debunked

Industry insider debunks rumors of Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan being involved in Spider-Man 4

Industry insider debunks rumors of Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan being involved in the next Spider-Man film
Every scooper wants their byte of fame, and random unverified scoops are one way for getting large engagement. When one such scooper decided to throw famous directors’ names to helm the upcoming Spider-Man 4 project, fans on X quickly called them out on their misinformation. Moreover, industry insider Daniel Richtman debunked these rumors in a post shared on X.
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One X account, @HolyfieldM5, shared the rumor that Steven Spielberg and Jordan Peele were the frontrunners to direct Tom Holland‘s upcoming film. They also added that Christopher Nolan and George Miller were also in talks with Marvel Studios about the same. Richtman wrote on X that these baseless rumors involving great directors were false.

Fans on X also dismissed these absurd claims. One fan shared that Oscar-winning director Nolan would never return for another comic book movie after the Dark Knight trilogy. Another fan could tell that the scoop doesn’t even sound remotely real. One comment shared that the scooper was just dropping random director names.

A few fans made some sarcastic remarks about the scoop, sharing that they had heard Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock’s names to direct the movie as well. One fan commented that the scoop came from an awful “scooper.” Some fan reactions read:

Its crazy cuz like Christopher Nolan would never return to ComicBook Movies ever again especially now that he won 2 Oscars for OPPENHEIMER
ofcourse same goes for Spielberg,Peele etc.

— Paul Muad’dib TORTURED POET 🌿 (Taylor’s Version) (@ItzPaulHD_v1) April 28, 2024

That scoop doesn’t even sound that it could be remotely real! 💀

— Vtuber 4Life (@Vtuber94077) April 28, 2024

Blud is just dropping random director names just to get the bag

— Laszlo (@Laszlo21792025) April 28, 2024

I hear Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock are high on the list as well.

— Spencer (@syr1sxs) April 28, 2024

Like? Steven Spielberg? I get he wants some easy likes, but at least make it believable

— Mysterious_Eve🇮🇹 (@Lorenzo74209291) April 28, 2024

Yeah they’re an awful “scooper”

— Thomas Marien (@twodoyle) April 28, 2024

Recent reports from the film suggested that Sony and Marvel couldn’t come to an agreement about the creative direction of the film. While Sony wants to continue the success of No Way Home with a multiversal film, Marvel looks to create a more grounded Spider-Man film.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 Has Seen Some Credible Names As Potential Directors

Marvel and Sony can’t seem to fix a director for the next Spider-Man film after No Way HomeMarvel and Sony can’t seem to fix a director for the next Spider-Man film after No Way Home
Sony boss Tom Rothman would be a happy man if Jon Watts agreed to return and film another multiversal film reuniting the three Spider-Men (via Daniel Richtman). At the same time, Marvel wanted the film to be grounded like the Daredevil series and even considered its creator, Drew Goddard, as the director. However, Goddard is an unlikely choice, now that he is attached to the fifth Matrix film.

Fast & Furious director Justin Lin was another name in the mix reported by The InSneider. However, he is also busy with projects like Amazon’s Stakehorse and the One Punch Man live-action film. Jordan Ruimy of World of Reel shared that original Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi was also in consideration for the film. However, insider Jeff Sneider shared on The Hot Mic with John Rocha that his sources didn’t think it would be Raimi.
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Ruimy also shared other names like Spider-Man: Homecoming writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who directed the films Game Night and Dungeons & Dragons. Jon Favreau was another popular name shared by the scooper.