Jalen Hurts Took a Clear Stance On the Caitlin Clark GOAT Debate After Iowa State Loses National Championship Game

Caitlin Clark shattered many records this season, gaining a special place in the eyes of basketball lovers. Yet, who thought the upcoming star’s season would end in a hard loss against the South Carolina Gamecocks?

Unfortunately, the 87-75 matchup loss also set Clark behind in the GOAT debate. As the buzz built up, Jalen Hurts, who faced a similar defeat at the final stage in 2022, took a clear stance on Clark’s GOAT status with the latest hitch.

Clark and Iowa Hawkeyes lost against the Gamecocks, who claimed their third National Title and the Final Four round redemption. Moreover, the loss also helped South Carolina emerge with an unblemished record of 38-0. Naturally, this made people question Caitlin’s legitimacy, even though she has performed incredibly well for most of the season.

Caitlin Clark’s situation made Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts, reflect on his journey, and during an interview with ESPN, he emphasized the significance of championships in building one’s legacy. Drawing from his experiences at Alabama and in the NFL, Hurts underscored the distinction between being the best and being great, stating,

“I think that is what makes the difference between the word best and great. To achieve this, everybody dreams of winning championships.”

In Jalen Hurts’ eyes, Caitlin’s talent is undeniable, but the quest for championships remains paramount.

“Your talent kind of dictates how many you need to win, but championships, it’s all about winning. That’s what everybody competes and works for.”

Caitlin Clark’s exceptional performance in the NCAA Championship game stands as a testament to her unparalleled talent. This season, she emerged as the tournament’s all-time leading scorer, surpassing legends like Maya Moore and Chamique Holdsclaw.

Furthermore, Clark’s remarkable single-quarter scoring record in the championship game made her one of the most dominant forces in women’s college basketball. Her ability to make a staggering 5.15 3-pointers per game set a new standard in NCAA history. To put this statistic into perspective, Clark made more 3-pointers this season than 60% of the teams in Division I women’s basketball.

Jalen Hurts NFL Journey in Recent Years

During the interview, Jalen Hurts was asked how losing the Super Bowl helped his career grow. The quarterback immediately claimed that the loss matured him, saying,

“It matured me… I don’t think people realize how much of a fire that lights in you… It prepares you for the standard you never want to compromise in anything that you’re doing.”

Super Bowl LVII marked another chapter in the Philadelphia Eagles’ storied history. Despite being one of the oldest teams in the NFL and boasting 28 playoff appearances, the Eagles have only clinched a Super Bowl victory once, back in 2017. In the Super Bowl LVII, they faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs but fell short as the Chiefs emerged triumphant with a 38-35 victory.

Subsequently, in the Super Bowl LVII rematch against the Kansas City Chiefs, Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles secured a hard-fought 21-17 victory. This win marked coach Andy Reid’s first loss to his former team and center Jason Kelce’s first win over his brother, Travis Kelce.

However, the Eagles’ season ended abruptly in the wild-card round of the NFC playoffs with a shocking 32-9 loss to the Buccaneers.

Philadelphia struggled offensively, going 0-11 on third and fourth downs combined and tallying only 268 total yards on ten offensive drives. This clearly shows that the team is in for a major overhaul before the 2024 season.