Jamie Dornan is one of the most dashing and handsome actors in Hollywood. Dornan has achieved tremendous success in his burgeoning career and has had the perks of collaborating with some of the top echelon directors in the movie business. 

The celebrated actor has played many fascinating, challenging, and iconic characters on the silver screen, many of which have become fan favorites over the years, as there is no denying he played his roles flawlessly and with the highest level of commitment. 

He gained global stardom for effectively portraying Christian Grey in the billion-dollar Fifty Shades of Grey film trilogy. The award-winning star recently shared his experience working in the lucrative American erotic romantic drama film series. He also revealed that before accepting the role, he sought counsel from his family, friends, and fellow actors.

Jamie Dornan’s Excellent Portrayal of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey Film Trilogy

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan
Jamie Dornan is a supremely talented star who has established himself as a leading actor in the entertainment industry by showcasing his unique skills, proving his versatility and professionalism. He began his career as a model and collaborated with many high-end brands. In 2006, Dornan stepped into Hollywood and began acting by appearing as Sheriff Graham Humbert in the fantasy adventure drama series Once Upon a Time. 

Since then, his career has been anything but successful, and with his acting genius, he has touched new milestones and worked with enough talents in showbiz. Despite playing varied roles, the actor is best known for depicting Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey film trilogy. He made his character debut starting with the original 2015 Sam Taylor-Johnson-directed American erotic romantic drama movie of the same name. 

He then reprised his role in the follow-up sequels, which grossed millions at the box office, but before he accepted the job, makers envisioned many A-list stars for this part. The 41-year-old star initially lost the role to Charlie Hunnam, who also turned down the movie, which was then given to Dornan again, who did a phenomenal job in the series.

Jamie Dornan Took Advice From Family and Friends Before Accepting Christian Grey’s Role

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades of GreyDakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey
On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Jamie Dornan opened up about how he got the role of Christian Grey. The actor claimed he did not instantly say yes to the project, but when he lost the job to Charlie Hunnam, he was relieved as he knew that fans would love the series, but critics will ridicule it. 

When asked if his family friends suggested accepting the opportunity instantly or if there was a debate within his circle, the actor replied that he did seek counsel from his friends, saying,
“It wasn’t an instant yes by any means. It needed to be talked through. I sought counsel from friends, family, a lot of actors.” 
His response led the interviewer to ask, “What did Andrew Garfield say,” for the unversed, the actor is friends with Charlie Cox, Andrew Garfield, and Robert Pattinson, all of whom were his former roommates since their struggling days as then-less-known actors.
Jamie DornanJamie Dornan
The actor further shared that he was relieved when he initially lost the role to Charlie Hunnam, 
“When I didn’t get it, I felt a bit of relief because I knew that guy is going to get wrecked here. I got cast five weeks before we started filming. I knew that it came with all that baggage.”
Sam Taylor-Johnson-directed erotic romantic drama Fifty Shades of Grey, featuring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as Anastasia Steele and business magnate Christian Grey respectively, earned mixed reviews, and the lead stars received a lot of praise from audiences for their flawless performances.

Source: Happy Sad Confused podcast