Jamie Foxx Says Medical Emergency Started With a ‘Bad Headache’ and Then ‘I Was Gone for 20 Days. I Don’t Remember Anything’

Jamie Foxx has opened up about his medical emergency last year, which led to his hospitalization. Although the cause remains undisclosed, Foxx revealed that it began with a severe headache. He recalled asking for an Advil and then waking up 20 days later, having been unconscious the entire time.

Doctors informed Foxx that “something was going on” in his head, but he didn’t elaborate further. His daughter, Corrine, initially announced his hospitalization on Instagram, assuring fans that he was on the road to recovery. Despite his health issues, Foxx continued filming for the Netflix movie “Back in Action” in Atlanta.

Foxx temporarily stepped down as host of the Fox game show “Beat Shazam” while recovering. Although he didn’t share specific details about the emergency, he mentioned that he had gone through a tough experience. He expressed his desire for fans to see him in a positive light rather than a vulnerable state. Foxx hinted at possibly discussing his medical emergency in a future filmed special.

Watch video  Jamie Foxx talking about his mystery illness below.