Kanye West lives in lonely apartment with no security, chef or nannies as his humble Hollywood abode is revealed in pics

KANYE West’s apartment in Los Angeles has been revealed in new photos.

His ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 43, revealed that the rapper doesn’t have any security or nannies in his humble home.

Kanye West's apartment in Los Angeles has been revealed in new photos

Kanye West’s apartment in Los Angeles has been revealed in new photosCredit: Getty

Kanye's neighborhood is close to his office

Kanye’s neighborhood is close to his officeCredit: BackGrid
Pictures of Kanye’s home showed the artist’s abode.

The apartment block is in the center of a busy neighborhood surrounded by other buildings.

Balconies were visible on some of the apartments as well as a small rooftop area on the top of the building.

Kanye is believed to be living at the apartment with his girlfriend Bianca Censori, 28.

Kim, 43, spoke to her sister Kourtney Kardashian, 44, about North’s father in Wednesday’s episode of The Kardashians.

Apparently North, 10, preferred staying at Kanye’s house.

Kim and Kourtney were discussing parenting styles, with Kim admitting she was stricter than Kourtney.

Kourtney said: “With my kids I find a more gentle approach works best.”

Kim looked down and said: “I do feel that way with a little bit of tough love in there too.

“A little bit of ‘S**t what the f**k is going on here?’ energy also.”

The scene then cut to the two sisters sitting on a couch talking.

Kourtney had short bleach-blond hair and a casual army-print sweatshirt.

Kim showed off her curves and wore a tiny blue bikini with her brunette locks left down.


The Skims founder said: “North will go to her Dad’s she’ll be like Dad’s is the best he has it all.

“He has it all figured out. He doesn’t have a nanny, he doesn’t have a chef, he doesn’t have security.”

Kim continued: “He lives in an apartment and she’ll start crying ‘Why don’t you have an apartment? I can’t believe we don’t have an apartment.'”

Kourtney agreed: “They do that at Scott’s too. They’re like ‘Dad has the best house. Your house sucks. He has the best house. It’s not super big. The vibes better.'”

She finished: “I feel like everything falls on the parent that’s more involved.”

Kim said: “It’s amazing that you make your own food.”

She then mocked: “That’s great that you make ramen you know.”

Kourtney agreed and said: “It’s great that you boil water and pour it onto some noodles.”


Kim has previously been called out for inappropriate parenting, as critics said she forced her daughter into the spotlight.

North made a splash with the release of a cover and interview for i-D Magazine.

The young girl’s new interview was titled: “This is North’s world, we all just live in it.”

When news of the piece broke, fans of the Kardashian-Jenners quickly assembled on Reddit to debate North’s biggest media job yet, and many thought that it was unsuitable for a child of her age.

One person said: “This is so weird and an absolutely shame for ID mag. A 10-year-old has no business giving interviews and being talked about like that.”

Another agreed: “It’s so weird. I’m so uncomfortable. Why won’t her parents shelter her and let her be a kid?”

A third critic of the Kardashians asked: “Feels uncomfortable to idolize a child. Why can’t she just be a kid?”

“This is totally inappropriate. Doing something like this for a school report? Fine. Doing something like this for an actual publication? Not cool. Kim has completely turned into Kris by pimping her kids out to the media as early as possible,” slammed another social media user.

Hulu star Kim quickly posted the cover on Instagram, where one fan blasted: “Well on her way to being the next exploited kid in that family.”

There was a small rooftop area on Kanye's building

There was a small rooftop area on Kanye’s buildingCredit: BackGrid

Kim and Kourtney discussed parenting styles

Kim and Kourtney discussed parenting stylesCredit: Hulu

North preferred staying with her father

North preferred staying with her fatherCredit: Getty

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