Khloe Kardashian calls out Kris Jenner for CHEATING on her dad leaving her totally gobsmacked… after matriarch championed Tristan Thompson following his love rat antics

Khloe Kardashian brings up a skeleton from Kris Jenner’s closet – the affair she had with Robert Waterman that ended her marriage to Robert Kardashian – in a preview for next week’s episode of The Kardashians.

Jenner, 67, was married to lawyer Robert Kardashian – Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashians’ father – from 1978 until 1991 when they divorced.

Jenner – who treats ex Caitlyn Jenner like she’s no longer alive according to a Daily Mail exclusive report – revealed in her 2011 memoir Kris Jenner… and All Things Kardashian that she cheated on Robert in 1989 with a producer named Ryan Lowe, though it was later confirmed that she was concealing his identity, and she actually had an affair with a soccer player named Todd Waterman.

During a preview for next week’s episode, Khloe calls out Kris for cheating on her father… after she praised Tristan for many things but seemed to give him a pass for cheating on Khloe multiple times.

Khloe confronts Kris, saying, ‘Whenever you’re ready to admit to me that you f***ed up big time with me…’ but Kris says, ‘I did not f**k up big time.’

Calling out: During a preview for next week's episode, Khloe calls out Kris for cheating on her father... after she praised Tristan for many things but seemed to give him a pass for cheating on Khloe multiple times

Admit it: Khloe confronts Kris, saying, ¿Whenever you¿re ready to admit to me that you f***ed up big time with me¿¿ but Kris says, ¿I did not f**k up big time.¿
‘I’ve never f***ing heard, we put a Band-aid over a bullet hole…’ as Kris insists, ‘No you misunderstood because you’re just somewhere else. You’re spiraling.’

Khloe says in confession, ‘Where I am at with Tristan has nothing to do with what I expect my family members to do.’

Khloe drops a bombshell and asks Kris, ‘What was mindset when you cheated?’

A stunned Kris asks, ‘You’re asking me?’

‘Who the f**k else am I talking to?’ Khloe asks as the preview comes to an end.

Earlier in the episode, Kris said in confession, ‘We know Tristan has made some mistakes. I know he’s really sorry for the way that he hurt Khloe and I’m sure that he regrets those mistakes every single day.’

Back in the kitchen, Tristan says, ‘the kids are growing fast, loving the carpool in the morning, going to school.’

Kris adds in confession, ‘Really the most important thing for everyone right now is raising those kids, and I worry that Khloe, with this change of Tristan moving out, there is going to be a void there.’

Stunned: A stunned Kris asks, ¿You¿re asking me?'

Who else: ¿Who the f**k else am I talking to?¿ Khloe asks as the preview comes to an end
Kris tells Tristan that, ‘kids remember all of that stuff,’ adding she gets too, ‘emotionally invested, especially in True’s class. There was this one kid who was being so aggressive and I just wanted to say, “Listen you little…” and then I went, “No, that’s probably not a good idea. That’s not your child.” Your grandmother is a bully.’

Waterman came forward in 2012 as the man Jenner was having an affair with, more than 10 years after Kris and Robert tied the knot.

At the time, Waterman was a 23-year-old soccer player for the Los Angeles Heat, though he would later transition into an Emmy-winning career in animation.

He revealed that Robert had hired private investigators and confirmed Kris was cheating, with Waterman claiming in a 2012 interview that Robert came after him with a golf club.

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