FANS have slammed Kim Kardashian for keeping her nine-year-old daughter North out on the town late at night for a professional basketball game.

The child star joined her mom at the LA Lakers game to watch Khloe’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson play.

Kim brought North along to watch Tristan's Lakers game

Kim brought North along to watch Tristan’s Lakers gameCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The little girl looked exhausted at the late-night event

The little girl looked exhausted at the late-night eventCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Fans ripped Kim for 'forcing' her little one to be out past bedtime

Fans ripped Kim for ‘forcing’ her little one to be out past bedtimeCredit: Getty
But in photos snapped at the event, fans noticed that North looked exhausted with “bags” under her eyes.

Several took to Reddit, where they reshared the images and discussed Kim’s parenting methods.

In the first snap, the 42-year-old sat on the sidelines wearing leather pants, a white t-shirt, a silver chain, and gold heels.

She clapped and cheered, showing off her full glam makeup and dark hair worn in a slick back bun.

To her left was her eldest child North, who seemed unenthused about the game.

The little girl sported ripped jeans, Nike sneakers, and a $20,000 Gucci leather jacket with her hair worn in long pigtails.

Kim’s daughter yawned, looking exhausted and bored, and had visible bags underneath her eyes.

In a second photo, the reality star escorted her child from the game, as North shot fans a downcast expression.

The final picture showed the mother-daughter duo smiling for the camera, though the nine-year-old still seemed to have low energy.


Fans were appalled, as they took to the comments to discuss the little girl being out way past a normal bedtime.

“The bags under her eyes are so sad. She’s only 9,” one wrote.

“I was just coming here to say that exact same thing, so sad,” a second agreed.

A third remarked: “She is tired and over the fact she has to do this s**t, but her Mom probably promises her stuff if she plays along.”

“Let that kid be a kid. All the money in the world, every luxury a kid could want or need, and she can’t even just stay home and play in her yard or watch tv with her siblings. What a f**king trajedy,” a fourth ranted.

“She’s tired of being her moms accessory every time kim wants to go somewhere,” a fifth mentioned.

“She’s 9. She should be in bed,” a final agreed.


North joined her mom Kim at Tristan Thompson’s game on Friday night, sporting a $20k Gucci X Palace Skateboards jacket.

She cheered on her aunt Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan, while sitting courtside with her mom.

The preteen was seen holding up a sign that said his name in purple and yellow block letters.


North is no stranger to showing off her luxury wardrobe, having displayed her designer wears during a recent family trip to Japan.

She rocked a $3,500 pink, crystal-embellished Prada bag during a visit to a hedgehog cafe.

Days earlier, the preteen flaunted her $895 Hello Kitty x Judith Leiber crystal clutch and an Olympia Le-Tan milk carton bag worth $905.

She wore the pricey bags during a visit to a Hello Kitty theme park.

Meanwhile, back in February, North showed off her $6,000 crystal pink phone purse from Judith Leiber in a TikTok video with her friend.


Kim often comes under fire for flaunting her wealth by throwing over-the-top parties and showing off her extravagant wardrobe.

She faced ample backlash over their holiday season late last year.

North wore a $20k leather jacket to the basketball game

North wore a $20k leather jacket to the basketball gameCredit: Getty

She regularly attends high-end events with her mom

She regularly attends high-end events with her momCredit: Getty