Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark all smiles at a recent press event.

Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark all smiles at a recent press event

Caitlin Clark has been the talk of the town since she was selected first overall by the Indiana Fever at the recent WNBA draft. Clark’s fanbase has supported her since her playing days in the NCAA.

The rookie’s name was yet another talking point on social media when the reports of rapper Ice Cube offering Clark a hefty contract and more to play in the Big3 league were revealed.

On X (formerly Twitter), NBACentral shared the details of Cube’s offer sheet.

“Ice Cube’s Big3 league reportedly offered Caitlin Clark over $15M, with a salary, team ownership, merchandise profits, and a documentary stake, per @TMZ_Sports & @Outkick.

“The deal came with a $10 million salary over two years, a percentage of team ownership, half of merch revenue and a stake in a Big3 doc with a seven-figure advance — totaling a minimum of $15 million.”

Some fans were left stunned by Clark turning down such an offer from Ice Cube.

A fan was surprised by Clark’s decision to reject Ice Cube’s massive offer but understood why she wanted to play in the WNBA instead.

“She might be kinda dumb for turning this down in hindsight but her going to the WNBA instead will probably shine a MUCH needed light on women’s basketball rather than going to the big 3. Respect.”

“WTH?? Nah this is crazy!!” a fan reacted.

“And we supposed to take WNBA seriously when Ice Cube offering twice as money,” a fan commented.

A fan thinks Caitlin Clark rejected the offer to fulfill her dream in the WNBA.

“I am pretty sure Caitlin Clark wanted to live her dream of playing in the WNBA.”

A fan thinks self-respect is more important than money.

“Self respect > the bag. Every time.”

Another fan said that Clark made the right decision.

“WNBA going to sky rocket with her. She made the right call.”

The Big3’s Ice Cube reacts on social media to Caitlin Clark turning down his offer

Big3 League founder and rapper Ice Cube likes to make bold business decisions. Big3 has become one of the go-to leagues for athletes who want an opportunity to play professional hoops.

After the reports of Caitlin Clark turning down a massive offer to play in Big3, Ice Cube shared his reaction on social media.

“After reading this, you’ll understand why Caitlin Clark never had a chance to change the world in the BIG3,” Ice Cube wrote.

Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark has not responded to Ice Cube’s recent comments.

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