Ever since the news broke that Megan Markle is planning to write a memoir, speculations have been running wild about her ex-husband, Trevor Angleson, going public with his side of the story.

However, sources close to Trevor dismiss these claims, stating that he has risen above adversity and public humiliation with grace and integrity.

Unlike Harry, it seems Trevor values personal pride and chooses not to air family problems in public.

Nevertheless, Trevor has every right to defend himself, especially considering how Megan portrayed him as a traitor in Omid Scobie’s book, “Finding Freedom.”

He must also consider the potential backlash from Megan and Harry’s zealous fans, who have shown a tendency for toxic behavior.

With young children and a desire for a private family life, Trevor’s world would drastically change if Megan’s memoir becomes a reality.

Rumors have circulated that if Trevor were to write a book, all proceeds would go to charity.

This noble gesture would not only boost sales but also present Trevor in a favorable light, showcasing his authenticity.

It’s evident that he holds a trump card that could shatter Megan’s carefully constructed facade.

Whether he chooses to play this card or not remains to be seen, but the mere possibility is undoubtedly causing concern for Megan.

Trevor has the potential to pen an intriguing book, one that inspires others by sharing his personal journey of overcoming adversity and rejection following his relationship with Megan.

He could delve into the pain and humiliation he felt when Megan returned their engagement rings via mail, publicly humiliating him.

He could recount how he found the strength to rise above the loss of self-worth and create a bestseller that resonates with those facing similar mental health challenges.

It’s essential to acknowledge the magnitude of the emotional trauma Trevor endured, as Megan’s actions thrust him into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Tragically, many individuals have taken their own lives due to public humiliation over far less.

Trevor’s story could serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience and the transformative power of love, particularly his relationship with his new wife, Tracy.

There is no need for Trevor’s book to be vengeful or ugly; it could be a beacon of hope for countless individuals.

His experiences could save lives and make a more significant impact than the donations made by the Archwell Foundation.

The final blow to Trevor’s public image came when Megan falsely claimed he attended the Oscars without her, conveniently omitting the fact that he had only received a single invitation.

Trevor should seize this opportunity to stand up for himself and expose Megan’s manipulation.

Looking back, Trevor Angelson possesses an ace card—the rejected spouse card.

We are tired of Harry and Megan constantly dominating the narrative.

It is high time Trevor speaks out and defends himself.

In truth, he probably felt a sense of relief when Megan left him, realizing her true nature—selfishness and toxicity.

Although he may have experienced humiliation momentarily, the world eventually saw Megan for who she truly is.

Why would he want to revisit that pain by writing a book?

Trevor has moved on to something better.

Megan Markle’s lack of authenticity is evident in every aspect of her being.

From her artificial appearance to her contrived personality, she exudes fakeness.

Her incessant hair-flipping, deemed a sign of insecurity by body language experts, and her desperate attempts to remind everyone of her pregnancy through coat adjustments only further highlight her insincerity.

Her treatment of her father, her family, and the royal family reveals her true character, rendering her speeches on family values utterly hollow.

Perhaps Megan should practice what she preaches for once.

The sooner she exits public life, the better for everyone.

Megan’s phoniness makes her an easy target for dislike.

Her vacant, demonic eyes and attention-seeking poses reveal a darkness and malevolence within.

It is ironic how she loves using words like “reinvent” and “revamp,” implying past success, talent, and skills, which she clearly lacks.

Instead, Megan and Harry resort to gossiping about others and spreading proven lies as their only currency.

Their decisions, such as unnecessary car chases and excessive entourages, only serve to alienate them further from their potential fans.

Who comes up with these ludicrous ideas, and who allows them to be executed?

In Hollywood, Megan and Harry’s reputation has plummeted to the point where they are viewed as lazy grifters.

Even if they manage to secure work, it will likely be at a significantly reduced rate.

Megan’s desire to climb higher on the ladder is hindered by her toxic reputation.

No respectable company wants to be associated with her.

Megan is her own worst enemy, repeatedly failing yet refusing to acknowledge her role in her own misfortune.

High-end brands must be exhausted from having to issue official denials whenever rumors of collaboration with Megan arise.

Her strategy is flawed, and she shows no signs of learning from her mistakes.

There are speculations that Harry realized his relevance would diminish when Prince George turns 18.

With no concrete plan for financial stability, each attempt by WME to increase their visibility only backfires.

It seems unlikely that anything can salvage their tarnished reputation.

Their disloyalty, recklessness, dishonesty, disrespect, selfishness, and arrogance have revealed their true nature as scumbags.

The negative adjectives to describe them are innumerable.

They have burned too many bridges, and their attempts to salvage their image only worsen their situation.

When will they learn?

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