That former cable actress Meghan Markle is at it again, allegedly faking her third pregnancy and even resorting to blackmail to secure a return to the royal fold. Now, for those of you who’ve been following the never-ending Markle family drama, you might have noticed some recent photos stirring up dark rumors. It seems the Duchess of Delusion is flaunting what appears to be a distinctive baby bump.

Meghan Markle: Caught in a Lie! Faking Third Pregnancy and Allegedly Blackmailing King Charles for Royal Return

According to multiple high-level sources, this supposed bump is about as real as Meghan’s humanitarian credentials. It’s being alleged that Meghan is pulling out all the stops to make it look like she’s expecting Baby Sussex number three.

From strategic outfits to posing at certain angles and maybe even using props, she’s allegedly doing whatever it takes to sell this pregnancy narrative to the paparazzi.

Let’s take a moment to let that sink in. This woman is supposedly so narcissistic and desperate for good PR that she’s willing to fake a pregnancy for public consumption. It’s not the first time such accusations have surfaced.

Remember the rumors surrounding her first pregnancy with Harry? Some even suggest she used surrogates. So, would it really be that shocking if it turned out there was never a little Lily at all?

But wait, there’s more. Rumor has it that Meghan and Harry are planning to stage a second royal wedding. Yes, you heard that right. They allegedly want to relive the magic of their first wedding, perhaps to garner attention from D-list celebrities or cable networks hungry for ratings. It’s a move that reeks of desperation and a thirst for the spotlight.

And who’s behind all of this? Well, according to whispers, it’s none other than Meghan herself. Ever the main character, she reportedly wants to reclaim the spotlight that she feels she deserves, especially after not being invited to her own niece’s lavish nuptials.

Meghan Markle wrote King Charles III a letter about royal family's alleged  racism | Fox News

So, what’s the verdict? Are we surprised by these allegations?

Not really. It seems there’s no low too low for this power couple to stoop to in their quest for fame and relevance. But perhaps it’s time we collectively call them out and refuse to indulge their antics any longer.

If this third baby or second wedding does indeed happen, let’s agree to hold them accountable and not let them off the hook. After all, the sooner we stop feeding into their fame-seeking behavior, the sooner their house of cards will come crashing down.