Meghan Markle reportedly has a large amount of dislike for the UK, and the things she had to adjust to.

Meghan Markle greatly and enormously dislikes the UK

Royal author Angela Levin issued all these claims and admissions.

Her comments were shared during an interview with GB News.

During that chat she said, “She doesn’t like us. She doesn’t want to be here. When she flew in before they flew off to Africa, she didn’t even get out of Heathrow [Airport].”

“She stayed there and waited,” the expert noted. “Her dislike of us is enormous.”

“I don’t think she wants Harry or herself to lose them. If she wants to do politics for America, she absolutely has to do that.”

“I think in the U.K., we would all be quite pleased if Harry did actually drop his titles. His behavior here to his family is so atrocious and we don’t really want them here anymore,” she also went on to add before signing off.