Meghan Markle at peril of losing $100 million in 2025

Meghan Markle is at risk of losing her connection to a major Hollywood player in 2025

Meghan Markle is reportedly standing at the cusp of losing out on everything in 2025.

Royal commentator and expert Richard Fitzwilliams issued these claims.

According to OK, he began everything by referencing all the projects the couple took on following Megxit, and even highlighted its present standing as well.

Reportedly, “They are working on new programs for Netflix and Meghan has launched her lifestyle blog, American Riviera Orchard.”

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“They have lost Spotify, rather curiously Lemonada Media, which Meghan has joined, reportedly intends to place her podcasts on ice until next year. Nothing has come of rumors about Meghan and any political ambitions she might have.”

The expert also noted, “since their $100 million contract with Netflix began, they have done hardly anything for it.”

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To make matters worse, “It runs out next year and Netflix is no longer producing the series of The Crown, as they previously were. They might therefore have less interest in the Sussexes.”

“If they lost this contract, with Archewell, their business and charitable foundation, having so few donors, they might well be in financial trouble. Since their exposure of royal life has made megabucks, but little else has made money, the royal family better hope that this unpredictable and ruthlessly ambitious couple stays with Netflix.”