STEPHEN CURRY had no room for LeBron James in his all-time NBA team.

Even without LeBron in his lineup, it’s hard to imagine many teams stopping Curry’s fab five.

LeBron's absence from Curry's team puzzled some fans

LeBron’s absence from Curry’s team puzzled some fansCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Curry has been with the Warriors since 2009

Curry has been with the Warriors since 2009Credit: Getty
Speaking to Sports Illustrated, the Golden State Warriors star revealed his dream lineup that he had to be included in.

Curry responded: “I’m at PG, I’m going with Magic (Johnson), we’ll play hybrid guards.”

“You got (Michael) Jordan, you got Dirk (Nowitzki) spacing the floor, shooting the ball and you got the big man, the Diesel (Shaquille O’Neal), holding it down. So, that’s a solid lineup I think.”

This team contains no less than 20 NBA Championship wins, twelve MVP awards, 53 All-Star appearances, and three Hall of Famers.

And yet, some will argue that it could have been better.

LeBron is an eighteen-time All-Star and arguably one of the greatest players of all time.

Perhaps Curry wasn’t willing to select any players, such as LeBron, who are still active and are, therefore, still his competitors.

Or perhaps he felt this group of players would work well as a team.

Either way, some fans were left puzzled at LeBron’s absence, with one commenting: “Curry picking Dirk is a dig at LeBron because the Mav’s took down the Heat for Dirk’s only title. Curry still pretty spicy after the 2016 fiasco when the Cavs (and Refs) beat that 73-9 Warriors team.”

While another said bluntly: “If you don’t have Kobe or LeBron in your 5 just shut up.”

Kobe Bryant was another who many felt should’ve been included in Curry’s list, along with Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to name but a few.

Not that everyone took issue with the lineup, such as one fan who commented: “this is an unbeatable starting 5. Shaq dominant, magic game changing, dirks shot is literally unguardable, Jordan, and Steph is the best 3 point shooter of all time.”

Wherever you stand on Curry’s dream team, it’s definitely “a solid lineup.”

Michael Jordan (L) made the list, while Kobe Bryant (R) missed out

Michael Jordan (L) made the list, while Kobe Bryant (R) missed outCredit: AFP

Shaquille O'Neal (L) was teammates with LeBron James (R) in Cleveland

Shaquille O’Neal (L) was teammates with LeBron James (R) in ClevelandCredit: Getty

Dirk Nowitzki's selection also proved divisive

Dirk Nowitzki’s selection also proved divisiveCredit: AP:Associated Press