A WOMAN has claimed her NBA star boyfriend got her pregnant “on purpose” as he refused to use protection, told her to get an abortion, and then ghosted her when she asked him to contribute towards her $950 clinic bill.

She alleges she began dating former Boston Celtics star Glen Davis, aka Big Baby, in March this year after they met outside an elevator in an apartment building in downtown Los Angeles.

Basketball star Glen Davis, aka Big Baby, is accused of getting his ex pregnant and then ghosting her

Basketball star Glen Davis, aka Big Baby, is accused of getting his ex pregnant and then ghosting herCredit: Anonymous

Davis has played for the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and Los Angeles Clippers

Davis has played for the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and Los Angeles ClippersCredit: Getty

Screenshots of the woman with Davis taken from a video of the pair together


Screenshots of the woman with Davis taken from a video of the pair together
The 30-year-old mom, who has asked not to be named due to the personal nature of her allegations but provided extensive evidence to The U.S. Sun, said she felt compelled to speak out to warn other women about Davis’s behavior.

The woman, who works in fashion, said she felt “duped” by Davis, 37, alleging he led her to believe he wanted to settle down and have a baby with her – but then changed his mind after getting her pregnant, leaving her to deal with the pregnancy alone and refusing to pay even half of the $950 abortion bill.

In a statement to The U.S. Sun, Davis admitted he had slept with the woman but denied telling her to get an abortion.

The woman said: “At first it was love at first sight. We met on an elevator in my friend’s building.”

“I was coming down the elevator and he was right outside the elevator and it was like a fairy tale – or so I thought.

“He was really nice and sweet in the beginning, which turned out to be an act, he was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“He pursued me aggressively and wanted to take me out on dates and we started dating.

“He was telling me he wanted marriage and children because he felt he was at the age where he wanted to settle down.

“We were dating for around five months, from about March when I first met him.

“We were going on dates at least twice a week, I saw him a lot. He came to my home, he met my mother, it was really getting pretty serious.”

She said at some point in early summer, Davis, who also played for Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Clippers, changed in the way he treated her.

“March, April, May everything was going really great but then he started to have moments where this different personality came out and he would be very aggressive in how he spoke to me,” the woman said.

“He told me, ‘Don’t talk to any other men anymore.’ He started having me clear photos off Instagram, saying, ‘Oh they are too provocative.’ Basically, he had me change my whole lifestyle.

“And I was doing it because I thought we were building a strong foundation.”


The woman continued: “He would say rude things about me already having children, which he knew from the beginning, and he’d ask why I haven’t given him a child.

“He told me he wanted to have a kid but I said I wanted to be married first and he just started becoming weird.

“He started to say, ‘No I don’t want marriage I just want kids, I’m going to get you pregnant.’

“I was telling him, ‘No. I really don’t want to get pregnant right now’ and I was continuously taking my birth control.”


The woman said Davis would “cry and whine” when she asked him to use a condom during sex and would refuse to wear one.

“There were times where I asked him to use protection and he refused, he just wouldn’t, and he would get really upset if I said, ‘Ok we can’t have sex then,'” she said.

“He would get mad or whine and cry about it – it became this whole thing.

“Then he started getting controlling and showing up to my place, sending me voicemails asking me, ‘Where you at? Where you at?’

“It seemed he was changing from this nice man into something else.

“During this time we were still having sex and he continued to ejaculate inside me even though I told him, ‘I’m not comfortable with that – yes I’m on birth control but it’s not 100 percent.’

“Everyone should know birth control is not always effective – he’s nearly 40 years old so you would think he already knew that.

“He even told me at one point that I should stop taking my birth control, but I said no.”


At some point in July, the woman’s birth control failed and she became pregnant.

“I didn’t get my period so I went to the doctor in August they told me I was 10 weeks pregnant,” she said.

“Originally I thought he would be excited about it because from day one, this is what he told me he wanted. I called him from the doctor’s because I wanted him to know, ‘This is for real, this is serious.’

“He said, ‘Ok we’ll figure it out.’

“After that, when he had time to think about it, he called me back saying ‘What are you going to do? I don’t want a baby.'”


The woman continued: “And I was mad because he had been saying one thing and doing that to me for months, and now he decides he doesn’t want a baby.

“It was a complete switch up and I feel he just manipulated me the whole time and said those things just to get in my bed.

“I felt used and abused like some kind of rag doll.”

“I told him, ‘I would never have sex with you in that way if we were not trying to start a family and marriage was on the table at some point’.

“I felt used and abused like some kind of rag doll.”

She said Davis told her she should get an abortion – even though she was pro-life and opposed to it.

“I told him, ‘Well it is my body, you don’t get to make, the choice. I do’,” she said.

“And he got mad and said, ‘I get to make the choice – you can’t do what you want to do.’


The woman also explained how conflicted she was about ending her pregnancy.

“Then he called me back again and he starts screaming at the top of his lungs saying ‘I don’t give a f*** about you now, I have a relationship and I was shocked. He was screaming, ‘I’ll never be in that baby’s life.’

“He got very aggressive and I felt very uncomfortable.

“I’m already dealing with morning sickness and very emotional and dealing with all the stress of a pregnancy.

“He offered to pay for an abortion and then said, ‘Get it done.’

“I wasn’t sure because I am pro-life and I wasn’t really thinking of having an abortion at my age.

“But because he turned into a complete monster and was bullying and harassing me I ended up agreeing to have an abortion. I decided I could not have a baby with this man.”


The woman then sent several messages asking Davis to send her the $950 for the medical bill and he kept making excuses, before eventually ignoring her texts.

“Days went by and he still didn’t send any money,” she said.

“He tried to make out that girls in the past had done this in the past to try and get money out of him.

“I mean that’s just absurd, he knows that I never asked him for a dollar before this, it’s offensive he thinks I would go through all this just for $950.

“I sent him the email from the doctor’s office and called him and texted him and still he sent no money. I offered to take a pre-natal blood test to prove he was the father.”


Afterward, the woman said, “I was heartbroken, I was crying every day, I was depressed.

“Still no money from him, nothing at all, and eventually he just ghosted me and I heard nothing at all. I stopped contacting him.

“Up until now he still thought I was pregnant because I never told him I went through with the abortion.”

“I had to take time off work. I lost money dealing with all this stuff. it’s not fair when he is the one that actively got me pregnant,” she said.

“The abortion was a horrible experience I would never want to go through that again, I was on the couch screaming in pain. He got to just fly free.”


The woman said she’s speaking out now because she wants to warn other women about how Davis treated her.

“He makes out he is the sweetest, most romantic guy and then he just switches. I hope this warns any women in the future who might fall for him,” she said.

“It’s unfortunate that women have to go through this mentally and physically, alone.

“I hope that he takes responsibility for his actions in the future and this doesn’t happen again to anyone else.

“God bless all the women out there who have been through this same experience because of men who won’t take responsibility for their actions.

“It’s difficult enough to go through an abortion in this country as it is. I hope they stay strong and fight through it.”


When approached by The U.S. Sun, Davis said in a statement:  “This woman told me that she was on birth control. It was her own decision to have an abortion.

“I do not know if I got her pregnant or if someone else did.

“I asked her to prove that I impregnated her before stepping up financially as a man should.

“I wish her the best luck in life and have no hard feelings.”

The woman says Davis "changed" during their relationship

The woman says Davis “changed” during their relationshipCredit: The U.S. Sun