According to Neil Sean and other royally informed experts, this coordinated timing was far from a coincidence. No, this was the Crown’s covert counterstrike against the chaos they anticipated from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the first whiff of another family tragedy. Can you even imagine the shameless grifting Meghan was undoubtedly plotting upon hearing the news of Kate’s cancer diagnosis? Probably planning some twisted ways to hijack this private family crucible for her own gain.

Neil Sean to King Charles: Beware Meghan Markle's Reconciliation Plans

I could totally picture her plotting a multi-million dollar Oprah interview, masquerading as concern for female empowerment while scorching even more earth between the royals. Or worse, greenlighting a docu-series drenched in the intimate, agonizing moments of Kate’s real struggle for the world to consume as trauma porn. Her thirst for attention is utterly insatiable.

So, when Neil Sean starts warning about the royal family closing ranks in this silent war of survival, you know King Charles and his dignified remaining family members have had enough. They’re not taking any chances when it comes to protecting the institution’s crumbling integrity against Meghan’s inevitable reputation-eroding antics.

And let’s be real here, after watching these two opportunists cannibalize every last morsel of royal mystique for their unearned celebrity over the last three years, would any sane royal supporter blame the king for taking drastic measures? Absolutely not. You don’t just erase one of your own progeny’s entire online existence without issuing a stern warning about the line they can never cross.

This downgrade was Charles dismantling the very architecture that could allow Harry and Meghan’s return before they could further entrench their toxic agendas. We all know the second Meghan smells an opportunity to exploit Kate’s situation for clicks and Netflix deals, it would have been game over. So yeah, Neil nailed it. King Charles has finally decided he’s not taking those risks with the family legacy anymore