The New York Jets have made their feelings clear on Aaron Rodgers skipping their mandatory minicamp to jet off to Egypt. Whether you believe them or not is up to you.

The veteran quarterback took lots of heat after Jets head coach Robert Saleh revealed he wouldn’t attend the team event due to an “unexcused” absence.

According to SNY’s Connor Hughes, the Jets are okay with the no-show and are moving on.

Hughes also noted that the four-time MVP had already planned his trip to the African country while rehabbing from the Achilles injury that kept him out for the entire 2023 season.

“Rodgers originally pieced this trip together during his recovery from his Achilles injury,” Hughes wrote. “It gave him something to look forward to during one of the lowest points of his career. He’s long admired Egyptian culture and scheduled the visit for what was believed to be after the offseason programs.”

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Aaron Rodgers Should Be Used To The NFL’s Offseason Calendar By Now

It’s worth pointing out that Rodgers has been around for a while and is well aware that NFL teams typically host minicamps at some point during the first two weeks of June. While he probably wouldn’t have known the exact dates, he should have had a fair enough idea.

On another note, Rodgers hasn’t said his trip was planned way in advance. The Jets are the ones saying it. Of course, they could have said he had special dispensation, but they created a storm for themselves by saying his absence was “unexcused” instead.

It appears they’re trying to placate the QB after opening him up to weeks of criticism.

“While an unexcused absence, the team is not concerned, sources told SNY, that this will impact Rodgers’ season,” Hughes added. “They wanted him at minicamp but were understanding of how important this trip was for him. . . . As one source put it: Rodgers’ absence during the two-day minicamp will not impact the Jets season whatsoever.”

It’s going to be interesting to hear what he has to say when he faces the media again.

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