Patrick Mahomes with his family

Patrick Mahomes with his family (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Randi Mahomes, the mother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is getting roasted online after stating her son’s fame and success have made life difficult for their family.

Quotes cited by the MLFootball account on X/Twitter show Randi claiming she wouldn’t wish what her family has had to go through because of who her son is on her worst enemy.

“It has been hard on all of us as a family,” the quote reads. “I DON’T WISH IT EVEN ON MY WORST ENEMY.”

Social media isn’t buying it, or at least they think she has no right to complain.

You can check out some of their reactions below:

I’m sure being filthy rich is so very difficult

— Ryan Watts Enthusiast (Kam) (@RW29enthusiast) July 3, 2024

Why can’t his family just be normal

— The Boys Do Sports – Podcast (@TheBoysDoSports) July 3, 2024

I’ll take your sons bank account

— Mighty Matt 💪🏼 (@HskrsStarsBucs) July 3, 2024

Yea why would u wish vast wealth on ur enemy…

— ♟️ (@TerrabKnows) July 3, 2024

Oh please gimme a break 🙄

— Wiseguy𝕏 (@wiseguyinsider) July 3, 2024

🎼 Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, they’re always complaining, always complaining. If money is such a problem, they got so many problems, think I could solve them🎵

— Traf (@trafridrod) July 3, 2024

Randi was a recent guest on ‘The Mom Game Podcast’ where she claimed to be jealous of people who are living normal lives.

Of course, Jackson Mahomes’ legal troubles can’t be great for any mom, but Patrick is only guilty of making her proud. Still, she’s envious of her friends with kids the same age as hers who live like regular people.

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“As much as I say we’re blessed and Patrick’s living his dream, it has been the hardest seven years of my adult life,” she said. “It’s been really hard to juggle…being proud of him and the hate that you get and the kids get. I can’t even explain how hard it’s been. I’ve cried a lot. I struggle with it.

“Jackson’s been through the ringer. The truth finally came out.”

“We just want to be normal and go and have dinner. We don’t do that. At my work, it’s really hard because 90% of my phone calls aren’t about work. I still go to work and want to live normal.

“I look at some of my friends on social media and I’m jealous that they have this normal [life]. Their kids are the same age as Patrick and Jackson, and they have this normal situation and we don’t. It’s super difficult.”

Patrick Mahomes’ Mother Misses Being Needed

Randi Mahomes should be set for life and shouldn’t ever have to worry about finances, but she misses the time when she was the one handing out the money.

“It’s a new life,” she explained. “The way of living is different than the way we were living eight years ago (when Patrick was at Texas Tech). He would call me for money. I kinda enjoyed it when they actually needed me for money. My boys needed me for something. They don’t even need me for money to take them to dinner. They take me to dinner.”

We imagine most mothers would love to switch places with Randi, but she’s the only one who knows how she feels.

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