Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
There’s some outrage over the way the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are being paid following the Netflix docuseries, ‘America’s Sweethearts,’ exposing the team for exploiting their dancers.

The show has become immensely popular among fans and has given the Cowboys even more exposure, but it’s also done well to highlight the poor treatment their cheerleaders receive.

The series has pointed out that Cowboys dancers are paid the same wages as fast food restaurant workers and substitute teachers, prompting Sports Illustrated to lash out at the team over the shocking payment structure.

“Many were outraged to learn about the sacrifices and little pay the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were forced to endure to make their dreams come true,” it reads.

“A scene from the Netflix reality show America’s Sweethearts went viral after one of the Cowboys’ cheerleaders said they make the same amount of money as fast food workers and substitute teachers. Many of the cheerleaders have two jobs to keep up with bills, while others aren’t able to work for long stretches because of the injuries that occur while performing on game days.”

Fans were not happy with the revelation and have spoken out against the treatment via social media.

“Fact: All NFL Cheerleaders should be paid better. Not just the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders,” one fan wrote.

“For everyone throwing shade at the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, they only make about $500/game, which is only a bit more than a guy selling t-shirts at their games,” wrote another.

“Teachers should definitely be paid more. But so should these cheerleaders. One thing that is almost never touched on when we talk about adequate pay is that people’s time is valuable,” said a third.

“And they are super strict on them !! Defo need to get paid better !!! They have to be ON TOP of hair nails tan skin makeup… this costs!!” another chimed in.

You can see some more reactions here:

Watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ doc on Netflix. The hard-working cheerleaders making only $500 a game & doing their job for “passion” compared to football players with salaries in the tens of millions is the epitome of the #patriarchy – Convince me otherwise

— Alexandra Hoffman – Author (@ahoffman_author) June 27, 2024

Okay thirty minutes in: these ladies need a UNION! Their salaries are abysmal! The value they bring is millions of dollars to their bosses! WTF!?! Someone needs to unionize the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!!

— A.V. Marraccini (@saintsoftness) June 21, 2024

Not a higher up, woman mind you, for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders justifying why the cheerleaders are underpaid. Talking about it’s a privilege 😒

Folks have BILLS to pay. Imagine busting your ass in a sport as your job, to make the same as a Chick Fil A employee

TF pic.twitter.com/7ceA6RhUZV

— M.Y.M.Y. (@Baesicc_21) June 26, 2024

I just finished America’s Sweethearts Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on @Netflix I have so many thoughts. I’ll start with this. It’s a toxic environment, almost cult like. They are severely underpaid & overworked. The series needs a trigger warning.
And I’m a lifelong fan! pic.twitter.com/yKeOt9XHvk

— Christie 👩🏻‍💻🌎❔ (@EarthAwareness) June 26, 2024

What is the point of this America’s Sweethearts Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader show, if not to showcase how underpaid and exploited the Cheerleaders are? I hope this Netflix show brings them more money (the club can afford it).

— uptownerd🍉 (@uptownerd) June 28, 2024

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The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Should Consider It A Privilege, According To The Team’s VP

Charlotte Jones, the daughter of team owner Jerry Jones and the organization’s executive vice president and chief brand officer Charlotte Jones, has admitted that the team’s dancers don’t make a lot of money.

However, she has defended the Cowboys over the way cheerleaders are paid, suggesting they aren’t in it for the pay and are doing it to be part of something bigger.

“There’s a lot of cynicism around pay for NFL cheerleaders, as there should be. They’re not paid a lot,” she said. “But the facts are that they actually don’t come here for the money. They come here for something that’s actually bigger than that to them,” she said, via the Dallas Morning News.

“They have a passion for dance. There are not a lot of opportunities in the field of dance, and to get to perform at an elite level. … It is about being a part of something bigger than themselves.”

While some dancers are undoubtedly passionate about what they do, many of them work other jobs to make ends meet and have bills to pay like everyone else.

Surely, America’s Team can afford to do better.

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