Not Just Hercules, 6 Other MCU Heroes are the Perfect Thor Replacement after Chris Hemsworth’s MCU Exit

Thor has been one of the founding members of the Avengers in MCU, but with his departure, there are a few characters who can take his spot

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one filled with some of the biggest stars and heroes including Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. The actor has been a part of the franchise since its first phase and Thor is one of the most iconic characters not only in the franchise but also all over. Despite his popularity, there is a strong chance that the character might leave the MCU.
Chris Hemsworth as ThorChris Hemsworth as Thor
Not just Thor, but there is a strong possibility that Chris Hemsworth may be leaving the franchise seeing that the fate and future of Thor has been kept rather blurry. Fans are unaware of what could happen to the character and are hesitantly but gradually preparing themself for the fact that he may not return. So the question that arises is, who could replace Thor? Here are 6 replacements who could fit in perfectly, apart from the obvious pick, Hercules.

7. Hercules

Hercules has already been introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie may not have been so well but it introduced a fair share of characters that were much loved by fans. Thor is a God, someone who has glory and pride as big as that of celestial beings, because he is looked up to thanks to various mythologies. Something like this is also shared similarly with Hercules. Although mythologies see him as a demigod and a warrior, the final sequence of Thor 4 saw him as someone seeking to avenge Zeus and how badly he was embarrassed.
Brett Goldstein as HerculesThor 4 mid-credits scene features Brett Goldstein as Hercules, son of Zeus
To see him as a potential replacement for Thor might not be unlikely considering Hercules is one of the strongest characters in the MCU. Although one comes from Norse mythology and the other from Greek, their godly connection makes him a perfect candidate.

6. Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as WolverineHugh Jackman as Wolverine
Wolverine is a new addition to the MCU. He may not be confirmed to be permanent but fans are certainly hoping that he is. Whether it is regarding his involvement in Avengers: Secret Wars or other projects outside of Deadpool 3. Played by Hugh Jackman, the character is already established and loved by many. To see him taking over as not a god, but someone who is not exactly human, an X-Men in this case, can be much likely as well.

5. Tempest

The God Tempest may not have made her MCU debut yet but she has most certainly been mentioned before. Fans may not realize it, but in Thor: Ragnarok, when Thor is conversing with Odin, he tells Chris Hemsworth’s character that he is not the God of Hammers but the God of Thunder. This might as well have been a subtle nod at Tempest, who is in fact, the God of Hammers.
God TempestGod Tempest
Upon the God’s death, Mjolnir was the only thing left behind. However, she regains her human form after Thor abandons the hammer once it begins to reject him. This could also be a solid opportunity to introduce her character in the world of the Avengers.

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4. Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray BillBeta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill, a humanoid horse-looking Korbiniting is a character previously hinted at by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor: Ragnarok actually featured the character in the form of a bust. Being introduced in the Might Thor comics as well, there is no better opportunity to introduce him than now if Chris Hemsworth is leaving the franchise.

3. Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the MCUTom Hiddleston as Loki in the MCU
Loki has unironically always been by Thor’s side. Now that he has been helping the TVA with all his might, it is high time fans accept the fact that Tom Hiddleston’s character is in fact a hero. There is no doubt that he has a big part to play in the upcoming saga so to see him finally accept the mantle of being a hero could be the perfect addition to his bildungsroman.

2. Love

LoveThor and Love
Love, daughter of Gorr the God Butcher and adopted daughter of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has already been shown being able to lift Mjolnir. Not only has she been seen as a fighter but also someone who has interacted with the God of Thunder himself. So to see her perhaps take over the reigns, quite literally picking up where her adopted father left off could be significant to not only her journey but that of Thor’s too.

1. Mighty Thor

Jane Foster on the sets of ThorJane Foster on the sets of Thor
Jane Foster has given more than enough to her fans to prove that she was an amazing Thor. Not only did she lift Mjolnir in her sick state, but she overcame her fears throughout the journey of Thor: Love and Thunder. Although fans kept demanding more of her, it was unfortunate to see that was not the case. However, her succumbing to death had been an outcome no one was ready for. In the comics, Jane remains as Thor for quite some time. So if there is a possibility to bring her back, then there is no better replacement than her.

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