Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have among the most adorable friendship with which fans can’t help but shower their affection. The duo has a great Hollywood career with the former prominently known for his portrayal of Deadpool in the MCU franchise meanwhile the latter has explored multiple genres and cemented her strong legacy in the film industry.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra BullockRyan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock
While the duo is great friends, they have even played on-screen lovers in their critically successful film, The Proposal. The actress back in the time revealed that her interest in the rom-com film only got affected due to her co-star. Not just that, she also opened up about her n*de scene in the film.

Sandra Bullock Commented on Her N*de Scene With Ryan Reynolds

The ProposalSandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal (2009)
While promoting her film, The Proposal alongside Ryan Reynolds in 2009, the 58-year-old actress, Sandra Bullock addressed her n*de scene in the film. Sharing with Glamour, she opened up about how this film was the perfect opportunity for her to “do my full n*dity.”

Being a rom-com genre, she knew that she would be able to confront herself.
“If I can do it for a joke, yes… And Ryan and I wanted the laugh.We wanted it to be something you’ve never quite seen before.”
She eventually filmed the scene.
“We said, ‘Ok, we just gotta [do it]; just warn the crew, you know, don’t eat your lunch cause it might get ugly.’ But everyone was on the same page. Anne Fletcher, the director, wanted it choreographed a certain way and we were all game for it.”
While she herself signed up for the act, she was concerned regarding this particular scene.
“Please don’t let this wind up on YouTube. Just please…”
Despite her hesitation about whether the scene would end up for the wrong purpose, she filmed it like a complete professional.

Why did Sandra Bullock Choose to Film Her N*de Scene in The Proposal?

Sandra BullockAmerican actress, Sandra Bullock
Back in 2021, the actress reminisced about her time on the set of the hit film and shared that she felt comfortable filming bare with her co-star. Though she was up to filming hard-core comedy scenes, filming naked scenes also worked for her.

She shared,
“I was like, ‘I will do this naked scene only if I can be humiliated and funny.’ You will not see me trying to attempt being sexy naked — in real life or onscreen.”
She knew that the surrounding was safe for her and trusted her friend, Reynolds who gave her comfortable space.
“There’s just no point in it! It was for that reason, with a friend that you trusted comedically and safety-wise, I knew I was in the presence of safety.”
The Deadpool star was among the two reasons which convinced her in accepting this project. The other was the script of the film, which instantly caught her attention. She even got a Golden Globe Award nomination with the film becoming a mega success. 

Source: Glamour, About Last Night Podcast