Tyreek Hill looks on at practice and Sophie Hall takes a selfie.

Tyreek Hill and Sophie Hall (Photos via Getty Images & @sophiesselfies224/IG)
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is the subject of a lawsuit amid another offseason of controversy.

The Pro Bowl wideout is being sued by social media influencer Sophie Hall, who is said to be keen on an immediate jury trial.

Hill, a plus-sized model and social media influencer, filed a lawsuit against Hill earlier this year for breaking her leg during a backyard football game after she upstaged him. She alleges “battery, assault and negligence.” 

Hill has, of course, denied the accusations, having been taken to task for running into the influencer with deliberate force that caused her to fall and suffer a broken leg that needed to be surgically repaired.

According to FOX Sports 640’s Andy Slater, Hall is seeking an immediate jury trial that could take days if her request is granted, although it could be during the upcoming NFL season.

“The social influencer suing Tyreek Hill, accusing him of breaking her leg, is now asking for an immediate jury trial,” Slater tweeted. “If the judge grants this request, the next available date could be during NFL season. The woman’s attorney says the trial would take 7-10 days.”

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Tyreek Hill Is Blaming A Dog For Sophie Hall Incident

Sophie Hall filed her claim against the Miami Dolphins receiver in Broward County court back in February. She suggested that Hill was embarrassed after she held her ground against him during the football drills and “became enraged and forcefully and purposefully shoved” her, causing her to break her leg.

As mentioned above, the injury necessitated an operation, as well as several months of physical therapy. Hall is seeking as much as $75,000 in damages.

Hill, on the other hand, is claiming Hall tripped over a dog during the drill. His lawyer, Julius B. Collins, said Hall was trying to scare the player into paying her medical bills.

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