SERENA Williams’ debt-ridden stepmom plans to get out of her $600,000 hole by refinancing the $1.4 million childhood home she allegedly stole from the tennis ace’s dad, “King Richard.”

It’s one of the craziest twists yet in the former stripper’s efforts to unravel the financial mess she’s in after being accused in court papers of faking title deeds of the four-bed mansion into her name and taking out a huge loan.

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Lakeisha Williams wants to try and remortgage the indebted propertyCredit: Instagram/@keisha.dylan.williams

Lakeisha is accused of faking her estranged husband King Richard’s signature to ‘steal’ the house from himCredit: SWNS

That debt, at one stage, was over $600,000 and she’s yet again fallen behind with her bankruptcy repayment schedule, according to court papers.

Now Lakeisha’s declared a way out of her bind – by borrowing even more money.

Lakeisha admitted to faking the deeds on legendary tennis coach Richard’s property in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, in court papers.

After getting the property put into her name, she was loaned $279,000 by “hard lender” David Simon, who’s been chasing her through the courts ever since.

This amount doubled with interest and attorney fees – and it looked certain the house would be foreclosed.

Yet Lakeisha has staved off the sale by twice filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which failed.

Now a third attempt is being played out in court, with a judge to decide whether or not she will lose the house for good.

While all this has been going on, Richard filed for divorce immediately after the alleged “house theft.”

Frail Richard is 81 years old and has suffered two strokes and the early onset of dementia, with his son Chavoita Lesane acting as his legal guardian due to his condition.

The couple met in a Miami nightclub where Lakeisha, 45 and nearly half his age, was a dancer.

But it’s been trouble ever since and now the childhood home, which has been in the Williams family since 1995, is on the line.

For a third time, Lakeisha has fallen behind on her repayments, owing at least $48,472, according to court filings obtained by The U.S. Sun.

Simon objects to her modified five-year plan of paying approximately $8,400 for 25 months, then $ 14,000 a month thereafter.

Included in his objection is news that she’s planning to remortgage the property to pay off her debt, although it’s unclear which financial institution would lend to her.

The Debtor [Lakeisha Williams] has been afforded every opportunity to succeed but continues to fall behind in her payments.”

Lender David Simon’s Attorney

Simon’s attorney stated, “The Debtor’s proposed Third Modified Plan is not supported by any evidence of her ability to make the substantial proposed plan payments.

“Outside the proposed Third Modified Plan the Debtor has suggested she may be able to obtain refinancing of her home.

“Since the Debtor has not obtained a guarantee from any mortgage company that the refinancing has been approved; nor could she provide any proof that the refinancing would be completed during the term of the proposed Third Modified Plan. The Motion to Modify should therefore be denied.”

The objection continues that bankruptcy is a tactic to forestall foreclosure and the modified repayment plans are for ever-increasing amounts.

The doc adds, “The Debtor has not shown any anticipated increase in income that would be sufficiently stable to enable the Debtor to make the payments provided by the proposed Third Modified Plan and to comply therewith.

“The Debtor has enjoyed bankruptcy protection for the last 25 months and staved off the State Court Foreclosure Judgment.

“Unfortunately, she cannot keep up with the existing obligations of the Chapter 13 Plan. The Debtor previously modified her Confirmed Plan to amortize the delinquency of the remainder of the Plan, only to once again become delinquent.

“The Debtor has been afforded every opportunity to succeed but continues to fall behind in her payments.”

Richard Williams has filed for divorce from LakeishaCredit: instagram/keisha.dylan.williams

It’s now at a point that the bankruptcy trustee has filed a motion for the case to be dismissed – and the house would almost certainly be sold to pay off Simon and the 24 other creditors. We’re currently awaiting the judge’s order on that motion.

Lakeisha first started faking Richard’s signature to obtain ownership of his vehicles, court papers allege.

She admitted to selling his 1999 Bluebird motorhome, worth $46,000, in 2016, but claimed under oath that it was because Richard had left her broke and she needed to feed her son, according to court papers.

This was only the beginning as it led to the alleged faking of Richard’s signature on the title deeds of his own home and cashing his social security checks, court documents claim.

Lakeisha has previously been accused in court of blowing all her cash on “fast food” and “frivolities.”

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun last year, Richard’s son Chavoita accused Lakeisha of stealing cars and money and forging documents.

He said he planned to launch an elder abuse lawsuit against Lakeisha, although nothing has yet been filed.

Chavoita told The U.S. Sun in an exclusive interview, “Lakeisha took the Mercedes, she took the bus, she took money, what else was it? The motorcycle.”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Lakeisha’s lawyer for comment.

Lakeisha has continued to show off her glam lifestyle online despite her money woesCredit: Instagram/@keisha.dylan.williams

Frail Richard has suffered two strokes and has dementiaCredit: Stuart McClave/Popcorn