Shaquille O’Neal Apologizes to Drake for Posting AI Image

Shaquille O’Neal apologized to rap superstar Drake for sharing an AI-generated image that showed Drake’s face on a woman’s body.

Shaq went on his “Big Podcast” this week to apologize to Drake for trolling him.

Let me apologize real quick. I sent out a picture the other day… The mistake I made was I should’ve said ‘Who did this’? Because I want Drake to know,” he said. “Listen Drake has a great sense of humor. So I thought it was funny that they did that. I don’t want him to think ‘Shaq’s trolling’. No, I’m not trolling…”

Shaq, 52, went on to say he didn’t intend to mock Drake after the Canadian rapper’s much-publicized beef with pint-size rapper Kendrick Lamar.

“No, I didn’t photoshop it. Somebody photoshopped it and I actually saw it. And I took the picture,” Shaq added. “So Drake, I apologize … Somebody sent it to me, I thought it was funny and hopefully, you thought it was funny, too. But once it went viral, I definitely took it down. So my bad, big Drake.”

The NBA legend is known for being a jokester on social media. But sometimes his jokes go a little too far.

Shaq was dragged by social media users after he went looking for the viral “Home Depot Girl” at her former place of employment.

Photo may have been deleted

Another young women came forward alleging that “Shaq slides in everybody’s DMs” on Instagram.

Shaquille is a sports analyst on “Inside The NBA” on TNT, alongside Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson. But the long-running show is coming to an end.

Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company of TNT Network which owns “Inside The NBA”, lost the rights to televise NBA games next season.