Out of all their favorite celebrities and their love lives, one of the most famous and talked about among fans is none other than that of Britney Spears. An amazing singer credited with the nickname Princess of Pop, the fashion icon has recently topped the headlines with surprising yet devastating news about her romantic life.

Britney SpearsBritney Spears
As per reports, Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’s husband, recently filed for divorce from her after being together for 14 months, claiming he couldn’t help the ‘hopelessly troubled’ superstar despite desperately trying to save their marriage.

Sam Asghari Files For Divorce From Britney Spears After Unsuccessful Attempt At Saving Their Marriage

Britney Spears with now-ex-husband Sam AsghariBritney Spears with now-ex-husband Sam Asghari
Britney Spears and Sam Asghari tied the knot last year in June after dating for four years. But their romantic life seems to be coming to a close as the pop star’s current husband recently filed for divorce from her after his desperate yet unsuccessful attempt at trying to save their marriage.

The marital bond, which was created after Spears’ father’s 13-year conservatorship ended, was created because Asghari believed he could help the desperately troubled superstar. However, this ‘illusion’ of the up-and-coming actor completely shattered within the one year that the pair spent together after their marriage.

Revealing how the 41-year-old singer is ‘beyond saving’, an insider said,
“The reality of life with Britney was that it was not fun and it’s not a surprise at all that the marriage didn’t last. She is a damaged person and although she talks a lot about being a strong independent woman she remains damaged. It’s very sad. Sam’s a nice guy and I hear that he tried.”
The Hold Me Closer pop star had been suffering immensely with her mental health problems ever since she rose to fame, and now it seems that it has managed to affect the only romantic relationship she had as well.

Insider Reveal The Incidents Which Possibly Led Up To The Asghari-Spears Divorce

Sam Asghari believed he could save Britney Spears from her troubled mental health Sam Asghari believed he could save Britney Spears from her troubled mental health
As it turns out, there was a series of events that led up to the Asghari-Spears couple’s split, according to the source, starting with Sam Asghari and Britney Spears’ daily life schedule as one of the main problems.
“They barely went out,” the insider said. “They were just stuck in that house making videos all the time as that’s the thing that interests her. I think it’s obvious that there are some serious issues in play.”
The insider further went on to cite ‘irreconcilable differences’ as another reason behind their divorce, claiming the teen-favorite Toxic singer is ‘beyond saving’, unlike as assumed by her now ex-husband Asghari.
“The sensible people in her life will be sad that the marriage is over. The feeling was that he thought he could save her, but maybe there is no saving Britney.”
Although none from the pair has given their statement or reason behind this split, nonetheless, it seems that Britney Spears is left alone once again as her current husband, too, has decided to leave her, filing for divorce.

Source: Daily Mail