The first thing is that Harry talks about incidents but really struggles when it comes to feelings. For example, let’s look at the way …

The first thing is that Harry talks about incidents but really struggles when it comes to feelings. For example, let’s look at the way he talks about his late mother. He can’t really talk about anything he felt with her; he just talks about incidents. He says he was her favorite, but he can’t really tell us why, etc. I also couldn’t help but notice that people were projecting onto Harry and making so many excuses for him, trying to mother him, claiming he was so sensitive despite there being no evidence to prove it. Harry is not a victim; in fact, he’s a perpetrator.

Case in point: the debacle of an interview they did with Oprah. After the interview, I think I was the only one saying that the racism claim was completely made up. It just didn’t even happen; Harry was making the whole thing up. Then, just a little over a week later, there was one expert, literally the only one, who said the same thing I did.

Many people know Chase Hughes from the behavior panel; he disagreed with the other panelists. He stuck to his guns and said it never happened. He wasn’t trying to soften the situation; he just said it absolutely never occurred. And it turns out, Chase saw exactly what I did. Harry has a little tell when he’s telling a big lie.

But what really took me to a dark, depressing place was not Harry telling lies. It was the actions of Oprah and Meghan, those sociopaths who staged all of this when they knew it was completely made up. I mentioned previously how the interview was shot over two days. The allegations were made first only by Meghan, and then the lighting and position of the shadows and sun show that this part actually took over three hours.

So no, this was not some spontaneous line of questioning or answering. Oprah’s reaction shots were also shot when she was all by herself. I could not believe my eyes. Here was an allegedly pregnant mother going to ridiculous lengths, in conjunction with Oprah, to fabricate this whole narrative they knew was made up—one that destroys her husband if he were not a psychopath.

Just think about it. This was shot over two days. That tells us a lot. They shot it and then shot it again to get the narrative they wanted. Not only did Meghan throw her husband under the bus, but she really ruined him, and Harry just went along with the whole charade. So no, it’s not okay for people to defend him in any way. Sunshine going after everybody, the bots deploy, the YouTube strikes, and Oprah’s team doing basically the same—all this fraud, all this deception. What a shock that interview was taken down; it actually broke laws in more than a few countries.Meghan Markle's Mother Doria Ragland Reportedly Moves into the Sussex  Family Guesthouse, Which Is Fine by Prince Harry As He “Loves to Be  Mothered” | Marie Claire

Harry has his tells when he lies, and during that Oprah interview and the other interviews Meghan did, I saw a few tells there as well. I think Chase did too. And more recently, boy, he has not been holding back. I’m pretty certain the final straw for him is the same as me. Now he has said that he had to spend time with serial killers and that he would prefer to spend time with them than with Meghan Markle.

In the past, people always knew what I was talking about because they knew how to read between the lines. And now, thanks to Chase’s confirmation, I know I was right the whole time. Meghan is an evil malignant narcissist, and she’s so predictable too. But anyway, back to the predictions.

I said they were going to get divorced. The only way for Meghan to succeed in this endeavor, especially after everybody hates Harry, is to do everything they can to remind people of Diana. Lilibet is actually named Diana, and they needed to invoke hatred of the royal family. Hollywood loves to cast the royal family as evil, and of course, they have to be victims. They always have to play the victim.

Now, Oprah was supposedly their good friend, and they wanted to highlight that royal connection. Meghan wants everyone to know she’s a princess because if her daughter is a princess, then she must be as well—and in fact, she must be queen someday.

They wanted to make sure everyone knew they were connected to the royal family. Meghan wanted to really play up this idea that she’s a real-life princess and that she’s so well-connected. They also had to let everyone know they had no choice but to escape the evil British royal family because they were so racist and didn’t get Meghan help when she was feeling suicidal.

So let’s look at Meghan’s first public appearance, shall we? That paid-for award she picked up. This is a standard play of Meghan’s. Notice it’s not only Meghan now; you can see major differences in this appearance and the ride after—it’s Doria. When Beyoncé was separated from Jay-Z and he was in all that trouble because of his affairs, her sister and family were there for her. Now it isn’t just the two of them; it’s a throuple with Doria involved.

I’ve always been amazed at how the threesome—Markus, Doria, and Meghan—show a lot of patience as they bring their plan to fruition for the big money. I’ve always wondered if, since Markus is known to be a gay man and Scooby-Doo is apparently one of his boy toys, they got Harry super high that night at Invictus and took photos he wouldn’t want to get out. That was Meghan’s ticket to the engagement.

The three and Markus’s connections had crafted a whole playbook from the very beginning, which also explains why the three of them showed up together that first night at Invictus. They were trying to pretend they were just being supportive, and Doria is just along for the ride. She does whatever Meghan tells her to do.

It’s a basic move. If it were real, it would be in the video with her glaring at Harry’s bald spot. Instead, we need to ask ourselves why Meghan Markle was grinning. What was the real game they were playing? Think it through carefully. Harry has had about four public appearances in New York with the same security service and guards for that amazing shot. But there wasn’t this fuss or circus; there wasn’t anywhere near as much interest, no actual paparazzi, no security barriers for the media to be behind, no chases, nothing close to a chase. So what had Meghan dreamed up for her first public appearance?

Doria Ragland reveals she instantly knew Prince Harry was 'The One' for Meghan  Markle | Daily Mail Online

She wanted to create this big circus so that it would look like Harry was completely irrelevant. It was all carefully orchestrated—the barriers set up, the invitations sent to backgrid, and the two paid photographers to photograph the others and provide the setting. You can see the extensive flashing. Now, what in the world is Meghan Markle, this malignant narcissist, to do? Well, that’s not complicated.

She’ll cut anybody out of her life who dares to disagree with her or questions her perceived status. Bye-bye Lamey, goodbye Sunshine Sachs, see you later Piers Morgan, and so many employees too. How could we forget all the family members and the rest too?

Notice the only two left are Chase Hughes, who is describing the traits better than I can, and there’s something I’ve hinted at a few times. I’ve made the case that timing was important, which is why I set the predictions of divorce for this year. Sociopaths are pretty good at putting the pieces into place. Now Doria is leading the operations, which will be money for her, and the house is in Meghan’s name. Harry is not useful to Meghan any longer, and now she’s got a plan to try to redeem herself within the U.S. She fired her employees and hired Michelle Obama’s PR agency and management, like that’s going to work.

Meanwhile, Harry’s basically going for broke. He paid all her bills and expenses, and she made her children prince and princess with the approval of King Charles, but only because he doesn’t have to pay anything for it. For the past 20 years, he’s been saying he wouldn’t. Many people heard those words come out of his mouth. Now, I think everyone can put two and two together and understand why I kept talking about Harry.

That is the redemption plan. It’s all about psychopath Harry, who has rage problems, takes a lot of drugs, and is incredibly unstable. He could not possibly be a father, and then Meghan will have it made because she can play both the victim and the malignant narcissist she really is. Harry is just so jealous of her, which is why they have so many problems.

So, dimwit Harry has positioned himself into a very desperate situation. He knows he doesn’t have any money; he cannot afford to go through a messy divorce. He can’t even go for the children if they really did use surrogates. Legally, Meghan’s name is on the birth certificates, so legally, she would be the mother. For a long time, I’ve seen this problem coming. Harry has a real problem with money and was so dumb he didn’t understand how to protect himself. There are no Netflix royalties, almost all the other projects are in Meghan’s name.

…Look at Charles, who resented losing almost all his personal money to Diana in that divorce. He also couldn’t share any of his mother’s money with the rest of the family. I can’t help but wonder what this is going to do to Harry. Reportedly, Harry is spending a lot of nights in hotel rooms by himself. Another question we need to ask is why Markus started living with Meghan again. We can guess why, but the reason is disturbing.