Angel Reese won’t apologize to Caitlin Clark for flagrant foul, blames referees

Angel Reese blamed the referees for the Sky’s loss to the Indiana Fever FeverLAPRESSE In a thrilling matchup on Sunday, the Chicago Sky Sky fell to the Indiana Fever, 91-83.

While the game featured impressive performances from both teams, the spotlight was on Angel Reese and her flagrant foul against Caitlin Clark.

Angel Reese hits Caitlin Clark in the face

Angel Reese: Some people have a special whistle

Reese, who notched a double-double with 11 points and 13 rebounds, committed the foul during the third quarter as Clark drove to the rim.

Attempting to block Clark’s layup, Reese’s arm made contact with Clark’s head, causing Clark to fall to the floor. The play was reviewed and upgraded to a Flagrant 1 foul due to the “unnecessary” contact as defined by the WNBA rulebook.

“It was a basketball play, “Reese explained postgame. “I can’t control the refs. They affected the game obviously a lot today. I’m always going for the ball. Y’all are going to play that clip 20 times before Monday.”

Reese further expressed her frustration with the officiating. “Going back and looking at the film, I’ve seen a lot of calls that weren’t made. I guess some people have a special whistle,” she remarked.

“I guess some people got a special whistle”

Angel Reese after she almost took Caitlin Clark’s head off

Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) June 16, 2024

Despite the officiating woes, Reese acknowledged the need for her team to focus on improvement.

“I think we just have to get back to the drawing board and figure things out. I think we were playing really hard [on the inside). I’m proud of Kamilla [Cardoso] going out and getting a double-double.”

Kamilla Cardoso, like Reese, also recorded a double-double, finishing with 10 points and 10 rebounds.

Caitlin Clark on the flagrant 1 foul from Angel Reese: “It’s just part of basketball, it is what it is, she was trying to make a play on the ball.” – Chloe Peterson (@chloepeterson67) June 16, 2024

Clark on Angel Reese: We’re competitors

The Sky’s combined efforts weren’t enough to secure a win against a formidable Fever team led by Clark. Clark, who scored 23 points on 7-of-11 shooting and added nine assists and eight rebounds, once again showcased her talent.

The rivalry between Reese and Clark, which dates back to their college days, added an extra layer of intensity to the game. Clark acknowledged the competitive spirit between them, saying, “That’s what makes it fun.

We’re competitors. That’s the way the game should be. It’s going to get a little feisty, it’s going to get physical, but at the end of the day both teams are just trying to win.”

Caitlin Clark on what draws viewers to herself + Angel Reese:

“I think it’s just the emotion and the passion that we play with. I think people love to see that and I think that’s maybe not something that was always appreciated in womens sports.” Talia Goodman (@TaliaGoodmanWBB) June 16, 2024

Fans can look forward to another clash between these two teams next Sunday at Wintrust Arena in Chicago.

As Reese and the Sky aim to turn their season around, the ongoing rivalry with Clark and the Fever promises to keep the excitement high.