Taylᴏr ꜱwift gives ANOTHER ‘deadly ꜱtare’ loᴏk to Mileʏ Cʏrus whᴏ ‘Shᴏckinglʏ’ beats out Taylᴏr Swift to earn Best Pᴏp Solᴏ Perfᴏrmance for Flᴏwers to kick ᴏff music’s biggest night

Taylor Swift gives ANOTHER ‘deadly stare’ look to Miley Cyrus who ‘Shockingly’ beats out Taylor Swift to earn Best Pop Solo Performance for Flowers

Miley not only was in disbelief that she had won but was also presented the award by Mariah as she said: ‘This MC is going to stand by this emcee, because this is just too iconic.

Oh, my god, I just got stuck in the rain and traffic and thought I was going to miss this moment and I could have missed the award, that’s fine, but not to Mariah Carey!

‘I just saw you at the Hollywood Bowl and it was everything. I got sat in my lucky number 3 seat, so there is a story you want to tell that sums up this moment and I was not going to tell it, but now Mariah is here. ‘

Miley went on to tell a sweet story about a little boy capturing a butterfly and how that relates to her.

She concluded her speech: ‘So there was a little boy that all he wanted for his birthday was a butterfly and so his parents gave him a butterfly net, and he was so excited. He went out in the sun and started swinging and swinging, but with no luck he sat down on the ground, he finally let go and he surrendered and he was okay that he was not going to capture this beautiful.

And right when he did is when the butterfly came and landed right on the tip of his nose. And this song Flowers is my butterfly. Thank you.’

SZA was the most nominated artist coming into the event as she even earned two prior to the gala airing but she hit the stage first when she took home Best R&B Song.

The second award of the evening was given to Karol G in the Best Música Urbana Album category for Mañana Será Bonito.

The 32-year-old Columbian hitmaker beat out Rauw Alejandro – Saturno and Tainy – Data.

During her acceptance speech she said: ‘Hi, everybody! My name is Karol G! And I am from Colombia! And this is my first time at Grammys, and my first time holding my own Grammy. I’m super happy. I’m super nervous..

‘I’m super excited to be in front of so many legends that I admire and respect. And this is such a beautiful thing. My album has given me the best memories in my own life, my whole life.

My fans that came and enjoyed my album, they are the motivation and inspiration and are here with me. Thank you so much. I promise you to give me you my best always. So thank you so much es Latina! ‘

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