A Taylor Swift mega-fan Dana Rice has been challenged by her husband to pay a quarter into a ‘Taylor Swift jar’ every time she mentions the pop star after her admiration went to new levels

Taylor Swift’s fan base continues to grow day-on-day following the success of the North American leg of her Eras tour.

As she takes her tour international, a new mega-fan in Bethseda, Maryland has gone viral for undertaking a Taylor themed challenge set by her husband. Dana Rice garnered over 9.8 million views on Instagram after capturing the comical moment her husband created a ‘Taylor Swift jar.’

The jar is to be filled with a quarter every time Dana mentions the pop star, who she only became a fan of recently when the Eras tour was wasn’t until the Eras tour launched that her fascination with the singer really started to take off, according to Dana. “I started seeing reports and things from other people and other industries talking about her from a business perspective — from a force-of-nature perspective when she first started this tour,” she said.

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The Taylor Swift Jar is a spin on the swear jar (

The husband wrote that he had “had enough” (

“Without fanfare, without notice, I just came around the corner and I asked him, ‘What are you doing?’” she recalled after spotting the jar with a label and instructions on it. It reads: “Taylor Swift Jar – Any mention of T. Swift and you owe $0.25. I can’t take it anymore — Travis Kelce included.”

Dana added: “When I came around the corner, not only did he have the jar, but he had rolls of quarters, so he set me up with the rolls of quarters and the jar. Since he supplied me with all the quarters, I absolutely have put all the quarters in there. And I will be using them for Taylor Swift tickets in the future — that is for sure. I have to, right?” she cheekily concluded.

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Taylor and Travis are happy (
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The spin on the swear jar for the new Swiftie comes as Taylor’s relationship with NFL star Travis progresses to a new level as he’s slated to fly to Argentina in support of his girlfriend during her Eras Tour – but has a strict return date due to the NFL’s bye week restrictions.

Page Six confirmed that Kelce would travel to Argentina for the show. Swift has three tour dates in the South American country from Nov. 9 to Nov. 11. NFL bye weeks give players a break from team commitments, including media obligations, practices, and film sessions.

According to a source, Kelce is required to return on Sunday to attend practice on Monday. This indicates that Kelce must be present on Nov. 12, allowing him the possibility to attend all three of her shows in Argentina before she leaves for Brazil on Nov. 17.