“That came from Taylor’s fanbase”: Travis Kelce’s Teammate Gets Brutally Honest About Taylor Swift’s Impact on Kansas City Chiefs

The world needs no proof of the kind of popularity and stardom Taylor Swift holds. Every song released by her reaches the top of the charts and every show she books attracts a massive audience. From her relationships to her public feuds, Swift’s fandom keeps tabs on everything to make her remain relevant.

However, the biggest proof of her widespread fandom was evident during the Super Bowl 2024. After she started dating Travis Kelce, the two worlds of football and music seemed to converge and blend fandoms.

Taylor Swift’s Unparalleled Impact on Football

Taylor Swift's I Can See You

Taylor Swift’s I Can See You
After Taylor Swift was spotted at one of the Super Bowl matches, supporting her newest beau Travis Kelce, there was no stopping Swifties from finding the joy in the football sport. Kelce is the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning champions from last year. The pop star’s one appearance in the stands celebrating Kelce’s touchdown made that match the most-watched match in the history of the NFL, with 24.3 million viewers.

Kelce introduced Swift to the team after the match and everyone loved how polite and humble she was. Patrick Mahomes, in particular, only had good things to say about the mega-famous star. Mahomes agreed that the attention they received was from Swift’s fanbase and her burgeoning influence as a celebrity. However, things took a rough turn when the media spun the story sideways.

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Taylor Swift in Anti-hero

Taylor Swift in Anti-Hero
The very attention that contributed to the Kansas City Chiefs going from a national team to a worldwide well-known team was portrayed in a negative light, with reports claiming that the the members were losing focus. Mahomes clarified in an interview with TIME,

“We just embraced it. We like having that visibility. At the end of the day, football has always been this bruising sport. We want to make it fun, where kids grow up and play football and show their personality and be who they are. This year really magnified that.”

Nonetheless, Mahomes did not lose faith. He proved to be an effective team leader who guided and supported his pals throughout. Even the team agrees that Mahomes’ leadership was elemental in ensuring their success in the most recent Super Bowl. His love for football and dedication to becoming better each day make him one of the standout players in the game.

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Taylor Swift’s Songs About Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift in FortnightTaylor Swift in Fortnight
With every new album comes new speculation and new observations as Swifties connect the dots and find connections between Swift’s personal life and her beautiful lyrics. After finding thanK you aIMee is about Kim Kardashian, fans quickly determined which songs were about Swift’s current love interest, Travis Kelce.

So High School, a track on Swift’s additional album called Anthology, is allegedly about Kelce. She sings about a guy who wants her and who finally got her. The title of the song makes sense since football is a huge deal for guys in high school, so it was natural for Swift to equate her union with Kelce to that of a high school romance.