Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict Thanks Tia Mowry For Supporting Him When He Was Dirt Poor With No Money For Food

As people continue to try and unpack what happened between Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict; fans are revisiting old interviews and conversations that may point to existing issues within their marriage.

After 14 years together, Tia and Cory definitely weathered their fair share of struggles. Let’s take a look back at some of the things they went through and how Tia supported Cory through his struggles as an up-and-coming actor.

Tia Mowry met Cory Hardrict back in 2000 while they filmed the movie Hollywood Horror. She and her twin Tamara were driving home when they saw him at the bus stop. The twins offered him a ride back to Inglewood and remained friends. Cory was a struggling actor at the time, working hard to make ends meet. He recalled having a studio apartment and working odd jobs with no money.

Tia was not really focused on boys at the time, admitting later that she did not even lose her virginity till her mid-20s. Instead, the pair became friends and spent a year courting each other. This meant that they were not physical or intimate and seldom went on dates alone, opting to be in areas full of people.

Hardrict remembers being “dirt poor” with only two pairs of drawers to his name when he began dating Tia. He says that he knew she was the one because she supported him through this time and saw his potential in him. “She loved me for me,” he recalls.

During their Black Love chat, Cory says, “I didn’t have a lot of money. I’ll be honest. I don’t remember even eating a lot.” Cory would eventually get on his feet and buy Tia a ring to thank her for holding him down. “Here we are; that’s when I knew she was the one for me.”

Tia appreciated him for her own reasons. According to the Sister, Sister star, Cory was very supportive of her as she was getting out of a bad breakup. She recalls Cory being very kind to her and not forcing anything between the two of them until she was ready.

Unfortunately, the same Black Love interview has also been used to demonstrate clear rifts in the couple as well. In several instances of the interview, you can see Cory get annoyed at Tia cutting him off, even demanding she “let him finish” while talking. Tia looks visibly hurt by this. In another segment, he confesses to her getting on his nerves with a nervous laugh; she quickly fires back that he gets on her nerves as well.

Fans of the couple point out how Cory seemed resentful to his wife and often looked uninterested in interviews in pictures. Others think that he has some anger or shame at his career not taking off at the level he’d hoped and him just being “Tia Mowry’s husband.”

While Tia dropped an official announcement of their split, Cory has kept quiet, only alluding to people making “emotional decisions” in a meme shared to his story. What do you think went wrong with the Hardricts?