Tom Cruise is a superstar, and it’s not just on the big screen. A multi-millionaire, the charismatic actor is renowned for his extraordinary acting skills and incredible personality. A Hollywood heartthrob even at the age of 61, Cruise gives his all when it comes to his work, ending up creating remarkable blockbuster movies and TV shows.

Tom Cruise has been winning hearts with extraordinarily amazing personalityTom Cruise has been winning hearts with an extraordinarily amazing personality
Within his over 40-year-old career, the Mission: Impossible star is said to always have been humble and polite towards everyone on-screen and off-screen. This includes his close family, judging how Tom Cruise gave up his first paycheck from the industry to pay for his sister’s college fees, as compared to Henry Cavill, who spent his first big payday on fancy cars.

Tom Cruise Gave His First Big Paycheck For Sister’s Needs

For Tom Cruise, his siblings' needs came first as he paid his sister's college fees with his first big paycheckFor Tom Cruise, his siblings’ needs came first as he paid his sister’s college fees with his first big payout
Thanks to the close to $16M earnings on the opening day of his $3.8B franchise’s movie, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Tom Cruise‘s net worth has shot up surprisingly high to $600M, upgrading his already acting royalty throne. However, things were not always like this, especially when he recently joined Hollywood.

After making his debut in the film industry and receiving his first big earnings, Cruise seems to have spent it most unexpectedly. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the Oscar nominee revealed how he gave up his first big paycheck from the industry on his sibling, saying,
“I actually paid for my sister’s college education. Next one I bought my other sister a car.”

Being the humble man that he is, he found his sister’s needs to be more important than his own. Nevertheless, that does not in any way mean he didn’t spend his hard-earned money on himself, judging how Cruise lives by the phrase ‘go big or go home’ and from his piece of land on the moon.

Henry Cavill Bought A New Fancy Car With His First Big Salary

Tom Cruise's co-star Henry Cavill bought a car with his first big paycheckTom Cruise’s co-star Henry Cavill bought a car with his first big paycheck
While Tom Cruise gave up his first big salary for his siblings, his peer, and co-star in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Henry Cavill had a different way of celebrating his big win. As revealed by the 40-year-old actor, the first thing he did with his first big paycheck was upgrade his old Peugeot 206.

Going to a car dealership at his father’s suggestion, Cavill found himself in love as soon as he laid his eyes on the Audi R8. However, thanks to his dad’s exquisite taste in cars, he ended up with an Aston Martin DBS bought from his first-ever big payout from the movie industry.

Although everyone has different choices of their own, it’s quite clear how both Cavill’s and Cruise’s choices differ by a wide margin, the same way they did in their movie together (Fallout). While Henry Cavill sought to fulfill his own needs first, Tom Cruise felt his sister’s needs were more crucial than his own.

Source: Nicki Swift