Tom Holland Got Trolled For Sounding Totally American in Real Life While Filming an Ad, Admitted He “Can’t act in an English accent anymore”

The English actor, Tom Holland rose to fame following his appearance in MCU’s Spider-Man movies. Indeed, the actor proved to be an excellent choice for the role alongside his co-star Zendaya. Although he is the perfect fit for the role, his performance apparently had an impact on his life.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Tom Holland recalled a hilarious happening that was quite humiliating for the British actor, as he forgot about his British accent. Getting trolled for acting in an American accent during an ad shoot following his appearance in the Spider-Man movies, Tom Holland recalled the incident.

Tom Holland at an event

Actor, Tom Holland

Tom Holland Got Trolled For Being Unable To Get His British Accent Correct

After acting in a bunch of American movies and establishing his career in Hollywood, the 27-year-old British actor turned into an overnight star and a global icon. His most appreciated movie was the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy. However, while he appeared as the teenage superhero in the movies alongside Zendaya, the actor faced an issue with his accent.

Born in Britain, the English actor, Tom Holland initially had to change his accent for his Spider-Man movies. However, later, after appearing in several back-to-back MCU films, Holland struggled to get back his British accent. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the British actor recalled how he was once trolled for acting in an American accent during an ad shoot.

I can’t act in English accent anymore. I did a commercial the other day as Tom Holland. And I was like ‘Hey guys, how you doin’?’ And they’re like, you’re from Kingston, by the way

Getting trolled for his accent, the actor felt genuinely embarrassed, even while sharing the story with Graham Norton, and the audience. The struggle is real for him, as constantly moving back and forth between accents can be difficult, even for proficient actors. But certainly, Holland’s talent is beyond measure, and he has proved it.

Tom Holland stillTom Holland

Tom Holland’s Appearance As MCU’s Spider-Man And How It Changed His Acting Career

Rising to fame through struggle and dedication, the Spider-Man actor initially started off his acting career in a supporting role. Later, upgrading his skills, the actor made his film debut in the drama The Impossible. Following his appearance, Holland finally made his MCU debut at the mere age of just eighteen.
Tom Holland from a scene in Spider-Man

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Making his first appearance as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, Holland became the youngest actor to ever play the role of Spider-Man. Thereafter, following the footsteps of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the actor reprised his role as Spider-Man in his solo MCU trilogy films.

Getting his breakout role as Spider-Man, Holland never had to look back at his career. The English actor, thereafter, built a strong position in Hollywood and even appeared alongside Mark Wahlberg in the film Uncharted. Impressing his audience with his riveting performance, the 27-year-old British actor recently appeared in the Apple TV drama series, The Crowded Room.

Source: The Graham Norton Show – BBC

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