Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce visited her in Sydney, Australia, last month

Travis Kelce attends Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Sydney, Australia on  Friday, February 23, 2024. (Credit: @kyleandjackieo/TikTok)

Travis Kelce might have just won his third Super Bowl ring, but he knows his real prize is girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end recently took a trip to Australia to visit Swift, who did a seven-show stint in Melbourne and Sydney. She’s currently on the international leg of her esteemed Eras Tour.

Kelce spoke about the getaway on his podcast, “New Heights,” calling the experience “amazing.” Meeting the “Cruel Summer” singer in Sydney, Swift and Kelce’s movements, as always, were heavily tracked. Both aerial and ground footage of the couple enjoying their time at the Sydney Zoo spread like wildfire.


Taylor Swift looks to her left and smile big on stage split Travis Kelce in his red Chiefs jersey smiles on fieldTaylor Swift took her Eras Tour to Australia last month and her boyfriend Travis Kelce made a quick visit to see one of her shows in Sydney. (Getty Images)

“Were there just drones above your heads at all [times]? Like, where did this footage come from?” his brother, recently retired NFL center Jason Kelce, asked.

“No, no. There were full-on helicopters just flying around… They helicoptered us. Well, not us – Taylor,” Kelce explained. “This is all because Taylor is the biggest and the best thing possible,” he admitted, lauding his superstar girlfriend.

Travis Kelce in a black shirt and backwards baseball cap with Taylor Swift in a red tank top and jeans at the zoo

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce enjoyed their time at the Sydney Zoo last month. (KHAP/Backgrid)

During the trip, Kelce and his close friend Ross Travis also attended Swift’s first concert in Sydney.

“Sydney did not disappoint. I’m pretty sure the crowds over there are… they’re already rowdy. The Australians are pretty rowdy. They like to have a good time. I like to have a good time,” he said.

Travis Kelce attends night one of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Sydney


“Gosh, they were just like a little bit louder than the Argentinian crowd,” he said, referencing the concert he attended in Buenos Aires last November. “And I was not expecting that because Argentina was f—ing loud. And they were into it, and so was Sydney.”

“Taylor’s very fond of performing in Australia because of the crowds over there and how into it they get. So, shout-out to Australia for showing up, showing out,” he added.

Travis Kelce, Taylor SwiftTravis Kelce and Taylor Swift are seen leaving the SNL after party on October 15, 2023 in New York, New York. (MEGA/GC Images)

In November, Kelce saw his first international show of Swift’s. During the concert, Swift sweetly changed the lyrics of her song “Karma” to reference her new beau. “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me,” she sang.

Video of the moment went viral, with Kelce freaking out and accidentally missing a high-five from Swift’s father, Scott.

“I had no clue that – well, I might have had a little bit of a clue, but definitely when I heard it come out of her mouth, still shocked me… I was like oh… she really just said that?” Kelce said after the fact on his podcast.

Travis Kelce in a patterned shirt stands next to Scott Swift split Travis Kelce has his hands on his face as you can see Scott Swift trying to give him a high fiveScott Swift tried to give Travis Kelce a high-five after they both realized Taylor Swift had changed the lyrics to her song “Karma” to reference the NFL player. (@flormosso/TikTok)


“You were so shocked you left Scott [Swift] hanging. Scott’s over here looking for a high-five,” Jason joked.

“Yeah, Mr. Swift, I apologize, big guy. Aw man, I missed that. I never miss a high-five, too. Big high-five guy! It’s the most electric thing you can do at an event… So sorry,” he reiterated.

Swift’s next concert is on March 7 in Singapore.