Travis Kelce‘s girlfriend Taylor Swift finally had the chance to meet his brother, future NFL Hall of Famer Jason Kelce, during the Chiefs-Bills game in Buffalo on Sunday. Taylor Swift appeared to be reveling in having Jason Kelce steal the limelight for once as he went shirtless and jumped into the stands (from their box) after ripping shots from a bowling ball before the game.

Travis Confirms Taylor Swift Loved Jason Kelce And His Antics

You just knew that Travis was going to ask Jason Kelce about his antics on this week’s episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce (Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment), the brothers’ podcast. And while talking about it, Travis confirmed that Taylor Swift loved meeting Jason, saying “Tay absolutely loved you.”

Jason also hilariously confirmed Kylie Kelce’s warning to him before the game. He says that Kylie threatened him ahead of the game to be on his absolute best behavior since they were meeting Taylor Swift for the first time, not because she’s a huge celebrity but because she appears to be the love of his brother’s life and signs indicate she might join the family one day.

Travis joking about ‘there weren’t enough cameras on Kylie to see her reaction’ was perfectly complimented by Jason Kelce’s “I don’t think she was happy about it…”

Jason Kelce did have a great point about meeting Taylor Swift, pointing out to Kylie how the first time they met he was blacked out and asleep on the bar. That his antics are just part of the Jason Kelce charm.

Jason Kelce's shirtless antics at Chiefs game get a high-five from Taylor  Swift | Marca

When asked about how Buffalo was from the box, Jason Kelce said he wasn’t ‘taking on Buffalo’ but he was ‘taking IN Buffalo’ and soaking it all up. Saying Buffalo was “incredible,” calling it “honestly, one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had from start to finish.”

That’s HIGH PRAISE from the Super Bowl champion. He admits he hasn’t been to a lot of tailgates, saying the only other one he’s ever been to was at Arrowhead Stadium to see his brother Travis.

Getting done with “a very grueling season” he says when “you go on that type of (extended) losing streak” it really “wears on you.” So this was a huge moment of catharsis for him, saying it was “an opportunity to go somewhere and forget about all of that.”