In a video that surfaced on YouTube four years ago, a prediction was made about Meghan Markle faking her pregnancy with a fake bump due to her alleged inability to conceive.

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Speculations have circulated suggesting that Markle used a surrogate to deliver her children with Prince Harry, and some even claim that her kids do not exist.

This has led many to question why Meghan and her first husband, Trevor Engelson, never had any children during their eight-year relationship.

Reports have emerged indicating that Meghan Markle had her first husband agree to a pregnancy contract, ensuring she would receive every possible luxury if she were to give birth.

Concerned about the challenges of pregnancy and regaining her celebrity figure, Markle demanded that Engelson pay for a personal trainer and nutritionist to assist her throughout the conception process.

Additionally, she ironed out childcare arrangements, making sure Engelson was willing to cover the costs of a nanny.

These revelations have fueled suspicions that Markle may have fabricated her pregnancy and relied on a surrogate.

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During Markle’s pregnancy, some internet users began scrutinizing her baby bump.

As a working royal, Meghan had to attend numerous events, resulting in her being photographed and filmed at various stages of her pregnancy.

Observers with doubts claimed that her belly occasionally appeared unnatural in shape.

They argued that when she wore tight dresses, her belly seemed to flatten or take on a square-like appearance.

Furthermore, they alleged that her belly size fluctuated within the same outing.

Critics also pointed out that her belly moved unnaturally from side to side while walking.

Additionally, they questioned her consumption of champagne and use of hair dye, as these practices are typically avoided by pregnant women due to potential harm to the baby.

Moreover, they found it suspicious that she was able to wear a white dress just two days after giving birth, as postpartum bleeding usually lasts for several weeks.

Some netizens claimed that Meghan’s fake bump fell down during an outing in Birkenhead.

However, upon closer examination of the picture, it appears that the wind was responsible for creating volume in the lower part of her dress, rather than the bump falling.

Supporters of the fake pregnancy theory also highlighted Meghan’s remarkable agility while heavily pregnant.

They noted that she could sit down and stand up without difficulty, and her feet did not appear swollen.

Despite sporting high stilettos throughout her pregnancy, she maintained her graceful movements, seemingly unaffected by the weight of her belly.

The online uproar intensified whenever Meghan squatted while heavily pregnant.

She executed these movements gracefully and kept her knees together, a refined manner of squatting that left little room for an eight-month belly.

Ballerinas and yogis joined the discussion, asserting that they were unable to perform such feats during their own pregnancies.

The Duchess of Sussex’s agility, combined with the perceived morphing of her baby bump, fueled the rumors of her using a fake belly.

These rumors gained traction in the subsequent months, largely due to the Sussexes’ desire for privacy.

Skeptics began pondering how one could fake a pregnancy, drawing parallels to techniques used in movies.

It is suggested that a silicone or foam bump, readily available for purchase on platforms like Amazon, could be worn by the mother-to-be.

Inflatable bumps are also an option for those seeking to deceive.