Cam Newton in suit and hat

Cam Newton was not having it after a fan mistakenly identified him as Jay-Z.

The former Carolina Panthers star had stepped out for some entertainment when he was approached by someone believing he was the hip-hop mogul.

“Jay-Z bro, Jay-Z,” a male holding a camera said as Newton walked toward him. “This ain’t Jay-Z?” he asked as an angry-looking Cam told him to “Stop playing with me” before muttering something else.

Check it out below:

There’s no way anyone would think Cam Newton is Jay-Z. Apart from the fact that they both wear dreadlocks, they look nothing alike.

Fans didn’t find the encounter funny either.

“Who finds this funny?” one asked.

“They better leave Cam alone remember what happened to the last guy,” another suggested.

“Now if Cam or his mans woulda slapped him because he felt threatened dude woulda felt a way!! People be corny man,” said a third.

Antonio Brown Trolled Cam Newton Over The Video

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown found the whole thing funny, though. But should we even be surprised?

Cam Newton’s interactions with fans haven’t been that wholesome as of late. The former NFL MVP found himself in a scuffle at one of his camps a few months ago as he was jumped by multiple individuals, whom he appeared to fend off easily.

While it didn’t appear that he started the fight, he took the high road and apologized for his part in it.