Britney Spears just released her first memoir, The Woman in Me, and she doesn’t hold back. Vote up the details that shocked you the most.

1. She Was Forced To Take Lithium

2. ‘I Had To Pretend The Whole Time I Was Okay’

3. Her Father Was Always All About The Money

4. Her Dad Used Her Money To Pay Himself And Lou Taylor While She Was On Hiatus In 2019

5. ‘Fine.’

6. She Had To Pay Thousands Of Dollars Just To See Her Kids

7. ‘I Was Truly Innocent’

8. She Talks About Paris Hilton

9. ‘I Was A Teenage Girl From The South’

10. Justin Timberlake Broke Up With Her Via Text

11. ‘All I Did Was Pray’

12. ‘…Baby One More Time’ Was Going To Be Space-Themed

13. ‘I Felt Relief Sweep Over Me’

14. Justin Timberlake And ‘N Sync Were ‘So Pimp’

15. Her Focus Is Currently Not On Music